WATCH: ‘One Shining Moment’ 2017 NCAA Tournament Video Montage

Another NCAA tournament is in the books, which means its time for the 2017 version of CBS’ “One Shining Moment” montage.

North Carolina defeated Gonzaga 71-65 in a dramatic final game of the tournament.

Watch the full video above.

The song dubbed over the NCAA tournament highlights was created by David Barrett in 1986. Many different versions have been recorded over the years, however. Barrett’s version was only used from 1987-1993 with Teddy Pendergrass recording his version of the song and it being used from 1994-1999.

In 2003, CBS changed it up again, With Luther Vandross recording his version of the song and it being used from 2002-2009 and then again ever since 2011. In 2010, singer Jennifer Hudson’s version of the song was used, but it got a negative review from viewers and Vandross’ song was restored the following year.

The version by Vandross is widely speculated to be the last song the singer ever recorded before he died of a stroke July 1, 2005.

Barrett said he thought up the song while watching NBA legend Larry Bird play on TV at a bar. He apparently wrote the song on a napkin and then the song began to form. He recorded and and sent it to a friend, who happened to work for CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. Initially, the song was going to be used by CBS following a Super Bowl, but the broadcast of Super Bowl 21 ran over its allotted time and the segment was cut.

In 1987, CBS once again asked Barrett to use the song, requesting it for a post-game montage of the championship game between Indiana and Syracuse.

It’s been used every year since, as the positive reviews from fans kept them wanting it every year following the conclusion of the tournament.

To watch the 2016 “One Shining Moment” video, watch the video below: