Renee Young & Dean Ambrose’s Marriage: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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WWE’s Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are married.

This was revealed on Wednesday, when SmackDown Live personality Renee Young confirmed that she and Ambrose are a married couple. This came after fans had speculated that the two tied the knot, but Young did not offer any information about when the wedding took place.

So what do we know about the marriage between Renee Young and Dean Ambrose? Here’s what you need to know.

1. They Kept the Marriage a Secret Until Wednesday Morning

It was just over a week ago that John Cena and Nikki Bella were engaged in a very public fashion at WrestleMania, but Renee Young and Dean Ambrose tying the knot had none of the same spectacle.

In fact, all that happened was that on Monday Night Raw this week, fans began to notice that Dean Ambrose was wearing something that looked an awful lot like a wedding ring. Then, on Tuesday, Renee Young was clearly wearing a new ring on her finger on Talking Smack. 

On Wednesday morning, Renee Young confirmed the marriage on Twitter.

We don’t even actually know when the wedding took place. Literally the extent of our knowledge about this situation is that Young and Ambrose are now married when they weren’t before.

It’s not hard to understand why they might want to keep this part of their lives private. After all, Young and Ambrose have been public about the fact that Young receives constant online hate from obsessed Ambrose fans who say that she is not good enough for him.

Young and Ambrose have always been somewhat private about their relationship, at least until they started appearing on Total Divas this past season. It’s unclear whether their wedding will appear on an upcoming episode of Total Divas. 

2. Kevin Owens Outed Them on ‘Talking Smack’ This Week

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There was an awkward encounter on Talking Smack this week when Kevin Owens brought up Renee Young’s marriage and Young clearly did not want to talk about it.

When Kevin Owens was welcomed onto the SmackDown Live aftershow as a guest, he told Renee Young congratulations, and he skirted around saying exactly what he was congratulating her for. This could have been read either as Owens legitimately being unsure whether he was allowed to talk about the wedding, or if he knew Young didn’t want to talk about it and so he was intentionally trolling her.

“By the way, congratulations,” Owens said. “You know why I’m saying congratulations? There’s a big…right? Am I…is this a thing?”

Shane McMahon told Kevin Owens, “I don’t know if we’re talking about that,” to which Renee Young replied, “Yeah, no.” Owens then said, “Well, I’m talking about it! What are you gonna do if I talk about it?”

Owens did not actually drop the word “wedding” or “marriage,” though, and Renee Young quickly changed the topic, saying, “Congratulations on you coming here to SmackDown, that’s what we need to be talking about here…”

But it was too late; this whole thing pretty much confirmed viewers’ suspicions that Renee Young was recently married, especially in light of another incident that had happened earlier in the show: Dolph Ziggler asked Renee Young what’s on her finger, clearly referencing her new wedding ring. Renee Young sheepishly said “Nothing” and moved on.

The morning after this awkward episode of Talking Smack, Renee Young confirmed what everyone had already figured out: that she and Dean Ambrose are married.

3. They Were Separated in the Superstar Shake Up

The timing of this wedding announcement is pretty unfortunate considering that Renee Young and Dean Ambrose were just recently separated in the superstar shake up: Dean Ambrose is now on Raw, while Renee Young is staying on SmackDown Live.

On Talking Smack this week, Renee Young said that she is “not super pumped” about Dean Ambrose leaving. She also somewhat jokingly asked who was to blame, Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon.

“Should I blame either of you guys?” Young asked. “Who should I take that up with?”

Young and Ambrose being separated must be upsetting for both of them, especially considering they’ve talked about how they love to be together on the road.

“I understand there are times when he needs to take a moment and be in his Dean Ambrose mode and do his thing,” she said in a WWE interview. “But I mean, for the most part, we have our own memories we get to create being together all over the world. We’ve shut down hotels and hotel bars all over the world. So it’s so awesome we get to do that and then we get to go home together and go, ‘Cool, now do you want to just go around the corner and grab a sandwich or something?’ You get both sides of it. It’s perfect. I love it.”

However, this separation isn’t quite as dramatic as when two WWE wrestlers are split up. In that situation, the wrestlers rarely cross paths at work except for events like WrestleMania that feature both Raw and SmackDown. But Renee Young still occasionally shows up on Monday Night Raw, as she hosts Raw Talk, Raw aftershow that airs after pay-per-views and after some special episodes of Raw. 

4. They Have Been Dating for Over Three Years

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose have been dating since October 2013.

However, it took quite some time for either of them to actually confirm the rumors that they were in a relationship. This confirmation didn’t come until May 2015, when Young was asked in an interview about her relationship with Dean Ambrose, and she seemed to make the spur-the-moment decision to reveal their relationship status.

“Yeah, yes we are,” she said in an interview with Gorilla Position. “We are dating. We’re in love. We don’t care who knows it! It’s true, yes.”

Even after this relationship was known in the media, however, it took quite some time for it to be acknowledged on WWE television. A few hints were dropped on Talking Smack here and there, but it wasn’t fully and openly acknowledged that Young and Ambrose are a couple until the fall of 2016, when Young being Ambrose’s girlfriend became relevant to Ambrose’s storyline with The Miz. On SmackDown Live, The Miz made a crude reference to the relationship between Young and Ambrose, telling Young, “You’re the one sleeping with him.” Young was subsequently questioned on SmackDown Livabout if she has a conflict of interest hosting this show and dating Dean Ambrose.

Is Renee Young's relationship with Dean Ambrose a conflict of interest?: WWE Talking Smack, Dec. 27Renee Young struggles to maintain control on WWE Talking Smack as her boyfriend, The Lunatic Fringe, turns things upside-down, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: Visit

5. They Live Together in Las Vegas, Nevada

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose host a barbecue at their home: Total Divas, Dec. 14, 2016Renee and Dean's party with The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan takes a turn for the worse. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: Visit

It’s not clear where Dean Ambrose and Renee Young got married, but it does not seem that it was in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they live, as the Clark County Clerk’s Office has no record of Young and Ambrose’s marriage license on file.

As documented on the reality series Total Divas, Young and Ambrose live together in a pretty nice house in Las Vegas, Nevada. On an episode of the show, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan visit the home, and Young and Ambrose are excited to see them, saying that they don’t really have time to hang out with friends.

“We always want to have people come out to visit us, but with our schedules and stuff, it’s impossible,” Young said on Total Divas. “To try to make friends as an adult is the worst.”