WATCH: Tony Romo’s Dallas Mavericks Press Conference Video

The Dallas Mavericks are honoring Tony Romo by making him a Mavericks player for the day. While they are stopping short of Romo signing a 10-day contract, Romo will take part in all the festivities of the Mavs final home game of the season without actually playing in the game.

As the videos below show, this includes the team photo where Romo suited up in his signature No. 9 jersey. The only difference is this time it is a basketball jersey rather than the Cowboys football jersey he wore for so many years. Romo will be introduced to the crowd before the Mavs game and honored with a short presentation.

Here’s footage from the Mavericks’ team photo and shoot around:

Carlisle spoke with ESPN 103.3 FM about including Romo in the team photo and other activities.

If you’re a guy who had an NFL career, it’d be pretty cool to have a picture on the wall of you as a member of an NBA basketball team, too. I think that would be cool if a basketball player would have that opportunity with a football team. That’s kind of where this thing is at. I’m excited by it because Tony has become a friend of mine and you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

Tonight gives fans in the Dallas area a chance to say goodbye to Romo one last time given his abrupt retirement announcement last week. It also does not hurt that it keeps the Mavericks prominently in the media which owner Mark Cuban does not mind.

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