WATCH: Tye Dillinger Debuts on ‘SmackDown Live’

Tye Dillinger made his debut on SmackDown Live tonight.

On this first show back after WrestleMania, Curt Hawkins issued an open challenge to the entire roster, and suddenly, Tye Dillinger appeared. The crowd in Orlando, Florida cheered as Dillinger finally debuted on the main roster.

Dillinger went on to defeat Curt Hawkins in the match. The crowd, as expected, was with Dillinger for the entire performance, consistently chanting, “Ten!”

There was some question as to what brand Tye Dillinger would debut on; we now know that it is SmackDown Live, although it’s still possible that Dillinger could go to Raw if he is traded in the superstar shakeup next week.

Fans know Dillinger for his time on NXT, as he performed as part of that brand since 2013.