When Are Paige & Alberto Del Rio Getting Married?


WWE superstar Paige and former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio are getting married. So when is this wedding scheduled to take place?

Well, on March 27th, Alberto Del Rio announced on his Instagram page that he and Paige were “getting married Wednesday.” This would have been Wednesday, March 29th, two days from when that post was made.

But then March 29th came and went, and fans were surprised to see Paige and Del Rio, who are both very active on social media, not post a single picture of the wedding on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

As it turns out, the wedding did not take place on March 29th. During a Periscope broadcast this week, Del Rio asks Paige, “When are we going to get married?” She says, “In June.” He responds, “In June?” Paige says, “I think.”

Paige and Alberto Del Rio have been dating for about a year, with their relationship becoming public in May 2016 but with the two reportedly hooking up before WrestleMania 32. Paige proposed to Del Rio in a wrestling ring in October 2016, and Del Rio said yes; he later bought her an engagement ring.

The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has been documented on this season of Total Divas, the E! reality series, with the most recent episode revealing that the two briefly broke up after they were assigned to different shows in the 2016 WWE draft.

“It makes me really sad because he’s the only guy I’ve ever loved in my life,” she said on the show. “You can’t really ask him to have a long-distance relationship where you maybe are only gonna see each other for one day a week. Maybe not even that.”

Alberto Del Rio, whose real name is José Alberto Rodríguez, left the WWE in September 2016. Paige is still under contract with the company for a few more years, but she has not appeared on WWE television in 10 months due to a neck injury. She was recently the victim of a hack and had several private nude photos and videos posted online without her consent.

Alberto Del Rio in recent months has made several explicit and controversial posts on social media. During this Periscope stream, for instance, he insults those at the top of the WWE, saying that he is near the corporate headquarters which is where “all the p—— live.” He also says that Paige isn’t coming back to wrestling until he says she can and that she’s not coming back because she’s pregnant, although both of those comments are just jokes.

In an Instagram post from March 27th, Alberto Del Rio said that he and Paige are being harassed by the WWE. He wrote “I doesn’t matter how many times you try to break us… is not gonna happen… we were harassed by a company we still are… cause you don’t fool me MF’s I know I was you trying to destroy us… destroy my baby…”