WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Spoilers & Match Results April 10th

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The WWE superstar shake up will take place on April 10th and April 11th. (WWE.com)

Monday Night Raw just wrapped up a new episode on the USA Network. Here’s what happened:

8:00 – John Cena’s theme song plays, but The Miz and Maryse enter dressed up as John Cena and Nikki Bella. The Miz stays in character as John Cena, saying that he didn’t propose to Nikki Bella just for publicity. Miz as Cena says that Hollywood rejected them and so they’re back at Raw now.

Dean Ambrose enters. He congratulates John Cena and Nikki Bella on the engagement, apparently legitimately thinking he’s talking to Cena and Bella.The Miz and Maryse break character, and as soon as Ambrose realizes who they really are, he attacks Miz.

8:13 – Backstage, Sami Zayn approaches Kurt Angle and asks about where he’s going in the superstar shake up. Zayn suggests that he does’t want to move to SmackDown Live. Angle tells him that there are benefits to going to SmackDown Live. The Miz and Maryse enter. They have a bone to pick with Kurt Angle, and they start arguing with Sami Zayn. Kurt Angle puts Miz in a match against Sami Zayn for later in the evening.

8:16 – The New Day enter. It’s just Big E and Xavier Woods, as Kofi Kingston is currently injured. However, Big E carries with him a blowup doll dressed up like Kofi Kingston. Big E says that The Revival want to be top guys, but instead, they’ve become top contenders to have their butts kicked.

8:24 – The Revival defeat The New Day. 

8:32 – Backstage, Neville says that Austin Aries is not on his level and doesn’t deserve a rematch. TJ Perkins enters and tells Neville to be careful of what he says because someone might make him eat his words. Neville actually says some nice things about TJ Perkins, admitting that he respects him. Austin Aries enters and says that Neville is lying through his teeth and is just trying to manipulate Perkins so he’ll be on his side.

8:36 – Curt Hawkins stands in the ring and announces that he’s been drafted to Raw. He’s being typically braggadocios when Big Show enters and quickly takes out Hawkins.

8:42 – TJ Perkins defeats Austin Aries. This happens after Neville starts walking down to the ring and distracts Aries. After the match, TJ Perkins attacks Austin Aries some more.

8:57 – Seth Rollins enters. He says it’s great to be here because he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be having a conversation with the fans in a WWE ring again. He also says that he left it all in the ring at WrestleMania, and he did what he set out to do: he slayed the king. Rollins goes on to thank the WWE universe for having his back, and he says that he’s just getting started here on Raw. However, he says he may not have all the opportunities he wants on Raw due to what happened with Stephanie McMahon, and so maybe he should go to SmackDown Live. But this would be the easy way out, and Rollins says this isn’t who he is, and so he’ll have to be dragged kicking and screaming onto SmackDown Live. 

Kurt Angle enters. He tells Seth Rollins that Stephanie McMahon made it clear that she wants Rollins gone. But Angle says he was impressed with Rollins’ performance at WrestleMania, and so he says that it is his intention to keep Rollins on Raw. 

Suddenly, Samoa Joe enters and attacks Seth Rollins. Rollins is able to retaliate, and Samoa Joe retreats.

9:07 – In a backstage interview, Kevin Owens says that the WWE can shake things up however they want, but the cream always rises to the top. Owens also declares that he is still the top champion on Raw, even though Dean Ambrose is now here.

9:15 – Nia Jax defeats Charlotte.

9:29 Finn Balor defeats Jinder Mahal. 

9:35 – Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and says that Raw is his new home. Addressing Finn Balor, he says that he came with a special gift: the gift of payback, as he’s going to torture Randy Orton in a House of Horrors match at the upcoming Payback pay-per-view.

9:45 – Sami Zayn defeats The Miz.

9:58 – In a backstage interview with Michael Cole, Roman Reigns says that his match at WrestleMania was bittersweet because he respects The Undertaker. Having to retire someone you respect is sad, Roman Reigns says, but he had to do what he had to do.

Suddenly, Braun Strowman enters and attacks Roman Reigns. He is absolutely brutal on him, even pushing Roman Reigns’ stretcher down some stairs. Then, when Roman Reigns is placed into an ambulance, Strowman manages to tip the ambulance over with Reigns inside it.

10:14  Cesaro & Sheamus and The Hardy Boyz defeat Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson and The Shining Stars.

10:27 – Backstage, Dana Brooke is reading a book called How to Be Your Own Protege. Emma enters. She says that now that Charlotte has dumped Dana Brooke, she’s here to pick up the pieces. Dana Brooke says that she’s gotten much better since Emma left, and so she doesn’t need her.

10:33 – Sasha Banks enters. She says that she has some unfinished business, but first, she introduces Bayley.

Bayley enters. She thanks the WWE viewers, saying that they were with her since NXT and believed in her all this time. Sasha Banks congratulates Bayley on the biggest moment in her career. But Banks says that this moment is over.

Suddenly, Alexa Bliss enters. She says that Sasha Banks and Bayley are nauseating, and the only person who deserves attention here is her. Alexa says that she is here to take over the Raw women’s division, and she’s excited to put SmackDown Live behind her.

Mickie James enters. She says that she is the greatest women’s champion of all time, and now she’s back on Raw. Alexa Bliss’ nightmare has just begun, Mickie James says.

Nia Jax runs out and attacks Mickie James. She then goes after Bayley.

10:49 – Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens.

11:06 – After the match ends, Chris Jericho enters and attacks Kevin Owens.

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