WWE ‘Payback’ 2017 Spoilers: All of the Rumors We Know

WWE Payback 2017

Chris Jericho will face Kevin Owens at Payback. (WWE.com)

Payback, the latest WWE pay-per-view, is just days away. So what’s going to happen at this Raw-exclusive pay-per-view? Who will walk out victorious?

There are only a handful of spoilers out there about this particular pay-per-view, one of which is the fact that Kevin Owens will defeat Chris Jericho. That’s partially based on the knowledge that Jericho is expected to take a hiatus after Payback.

He’s leaving in order to go on tour with his band, Fozzy; the band’s tour just happens to begin five days after Payback, and it goes through the end of June. Jericho is now expected to appear on Raw one last time on May 1st before leaving for several months.

Clearly, then, this means that Kevin Owens will defeat Chris Jericho, therefore retaining the United States Championship and ensuring that Chris Jericho does not move to SmackDown Live. 

Another rumor going around about Payback is that Braun Strowman is going to defeat Roman Reigns, but it won’t be a clean win.

This is based on the fact that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported earlier this month that the WWE plans to have Braun Strowman face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship this summer. That would have to happen at Great Balls of Fire, as it was recently announced that this pay-per-view will be the first time since WrestleMania that Lesnar defends his championship.

From there, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has speculated that Strowman will get a win over Roman Reigns at Payback, but he will be aided by someone unexpected; back when AJ Styles was rumored to be going to Raw, Meltzer thought that Styles might be the one to interfere, but this is no longer a possibility.

It isn’t a stipulation of this match that whomever wins gets to face Brock Lesnar. But Braun Strowman did say earlier this month that he’s going after Roman Reigns specifically in order to get Brock Lesnar’s attention, and so this line of dialogue sets up a future storyline in which Lesnar deems Strowman worthy of a title opportunity since he was able to defeat Roman Reigns, even if he did it with some help.

A third rumor that’s been going around concerns the House of Horrors match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. The Wrestling Observer reported this week that part of this match will be pre-taped and part of it will be live.

This would fit with what was said on WWE programming this week: that the match will start outside of the arena but end in the ring. Piecing all of this together, then, it sounds like part of the match may take place in some sort of scary room, with this part being pre-recorded, and then Wyatt and Orton will escape the room and make their way to the ring, at which point the match will be performed live as usual.

We still don’t know who’s going to win that match, although the new theory is that it will be Bray Wyatt. After all, there must be some reason why the WWE decided to make this a non-title match. If Orton were to win, there’s no reason the match couldn’t be for the title, but if Wyatt were to win, the WWE would want to make it a non-title match so that the World Championship stays on SmackDown Live no matter what.

Those are the three big spoilers we know heading into Payback. To get a better idea of what might happen on Sunday, though, these are the match results that betting odds are currently favoring, via Bet Wrestling.

  • Enzo and Cass defeat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
  • Alexa Bliss defeats Bayley
  • Kevin Owens defeats Chris Jericho
  • Neville defeats Austin Aries
  • Randy Orton defeats Bray Wyatt
  • Seth Rollins defeats Samoa Joe
  • The Hardy Boyz defeat Cesaro and Sheamus
  • Braun Strowman defeats Roman Reigns

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