WWE: How Did Jeff Hardy Lose a Tooth During ‘Payback’?

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The Hardy Boyz faced Cesaro and Sheamus at Payback 2017. (WWE.com)

Tonight at WWE Payback, the Raw Tag Team Championship match was quite brutal, and Jeff Hardy ended up losing a tooth.

About halfway through the match, fans began to note that Jeff Hardy had lost a tooth within the previous few minutes. So how did this happen, exactly? When did Jeff Hardy lose his tooth?

Looking back on the footage, it’s clear that this happens during a moment in which Sheamus kicks Jeff in the face. When the clip is played back in slow motion, you can see Jeff Hardy’s tooth falling out.

Matt Hardy did not escape the match unscathed, either. Towards the end of the match, he began to bleed from the eye, and later he bled from the forehead.

Although legitimate blood is usually not acknowledged by the WWE commentators, it was tonight, with Corey Graves pointing out the fact that Jeff Hardy had lost a tooth and that both of the Hardys were putting their bodies on the line.

At the end of the match, Cesaro and Sheamus turned heel by attacking the Hardys after the Hardys had already won.

With both Hardys having been physically dominated at Payback, this might be the perfect time to officially introduce the “broken” gimmick onto Monday Night Raw. After all, “Broken Matt” came to be after a match in which both of the Hardys were taken to their limits and suffered injuries.