WWE Spoilers: Bray Wyatt Moves to ‘Monday Night Raw’

Bray Wyatt is coming to Monday Night Raw. (WWE.com)

Bray Wyatt is joining the roster of Monday Night Raw.

This came as part of the 2017 superstar shake up, a mini-draft in which some WWE superstars are traded between Raw and SmackDown Live. On April 10th’s episodeBray Wyatt was announced as a new member of Raw.

This came at the conclusion of a match between Finn Balor and Jinder Mahal. Wyatt appeared on screen and specifically addressed Finn Balor, telling him that Raw is now his home.

However, this doesn’t seem to mean that Wyatt’s feud with Randy Orton is over. Wyatt said on Raw tonight that he’s still going to be facing Randy Orton in the House of Horrors match, a rematch for the WWE World Championship.

Presumably, this means that Randy Orton will be winning the House of Horrors match, as otherwise, both the Universal Championship and the World Championship would both be on Raw. 

Also on Raw this week, The Miz, Maryse, Dean Ambrose, Curt Hawkins, Kalisto, Heath Slater and Rhyno were drafted to Raw. 

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