WWE WrestleMania 33: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

We’ve waited long enough for this day, haven’t we?

Thankfully, wrestling’s biggest event of the year is upon us. The 33rd installment of WrestleMania is here! It’s being billed as the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” due to how stacked its match card is. The Undertaker will take on Roman Reigns in a battle of Old School vs. New School. AJ Styles will settle his differences with his brand boss, Shane McMahon. Randy Orton will attempt to take the one thing that Bray Wyatt holds dear – his WWE Championship. And Goldberg will defend his Universal Championship against his most hated rival, Brock Lesnar.

WrestleMania 33 is packed with a bevy of matches that will deliver all manner of shocking results/highlights. You’ve come to the right place to read about all of them.

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss to Defend Against All SmackDown Women Who Are Available to Compete

Wrestlemania 33

Winner: And the NEW WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Naomi!

Highlights: Every woman who’s currently on the SD Live roster entered the match for a multi-women matchup. The 1st woman to score a pinfall/submission would leave as champion. After the bell rang, each woman dished out some of their best moves on each other. After all that mayhem, Carmella and Becky Lynch exchanged a few holds of their own. Alexa Bliss got into the ring to take down Carmella and then land a Spinning DDT on Natalya. Lynch returned the ring and began tearing into whoever was unlucky enough to be in her way. Even James Ellsworth got taken down with an Exploder Suplex from Lynch! Mickie James took Lynch down, but she was then forced out of the ring by Bliss. Things got even more hectic when Naomi’s Sunset Flip led into a German Suplex exchange. Each woman began landing their biggest moves on each other as the match wore on. After Naomi was the last woman standing in the ring, she threw herself right onto every lady stuck on the outside. Back inside the ring, Naomi locked in her arm trap submission and made Bliss tap out!

4th Annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Wrestlemania 33

Winner: Mojo Rawley!

Highlights: Once the bell rang, Strowman got rid of one of the Shining Stars. He got into a scuffle with Kalisto, but got rid of him quickly along with another body. One of the Usos got eliminated along with Goldust and Heath Slater. Konnor from The Ascension then got flung over the rope by Big Show.The action stopped for a quick second when Strowman and Show had a face off. Every other man looked to eliminate them, but Strowman threw every man off of him and got rid of Big Show. Strowman got into it with Sami Zayn and got rid of another hapless victim. But all of a sudden, Strowman got dropped from the match once everyone else teamed up to throw him over the top rope.

Later on during the match, Ziggler knocked R-Truth off the apron for an elimination. Ziggler then got rid of Rhyno soon after. American Alpha then got rid of Curtis Axel, another Uso twin and one of The Vaudevillains. But sadly, American Alpha got booted from the match. Breezango then got throw out, which was followed by Mark Henry launching Sin Cara over the top rope. Mark Henry met his end soon after, though. Ziggler used a Superkick to get rid of NXT’s Chinese entrant Tian Bing, while Sami Zayn used his Helluva Kick to eliminate the other member of the Shining Stars. Bo Dallas met his end after getting eliminated by Mojo Rawley.

Apollo Crews, Ziggler and Luke Harper got taken out soon after. Zayn clotheslined Titus O’Neal over the top rope, but he then got eliminated by the big burly member of NXT’s Killian Dain. Mojo knocked him down with a Pounce, but Jinder Mahal drove Mojo through the middle of the ropes and beat him down. Jinder then got in the face of the NFL’s Rob Gronkowski, took his drink and disrespected him right to his face. Gronkowski eventually hopped into the ring and knocked Jinder down with a nasty shoulder block. Mojo got rid of Dain and then struggled with Jinder on the rope apron. Mojo then blasted Jinder off the apron for the decisive victory. Mojo and Gronkowski went ahead and had a hype celebration inside the ring.

Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Wrestlemania 33

Winner: And STILL the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville!

Highlights: Both men arrived with some fresh new gear for the biggest Cruiserweight Championship bout of the year. As soon as the bell rang, the crowd erupted for Aries. Aries and Neville engaged in a quick exchange that saw Aries get knocked down by a shoulder block. Neville got the better of their next exchange for a quick second before Aries got control. Both competitors sped up the action with some back and forth counters afterwards. Neville took a break on the outside after getting caught in Aries’ finishing submission. Aries then pulled off a series of impressive moves once Neville returned to the ring. Neville chose to slip outside the ring once again. Aries went to fly through the ropes, but Neville cracked him with a kick as soon as he got close enough. Neville then took control of the bout by landing a nasty Missile Dropkick on his challenger. From that point forward, Neville beat the holy hell out of Aries.

Neville cost himself his lead position after missing a Phoenix Splash. Aries got back in control soon after with a bunch of his signature moves. Aries threw Neville over the top rope and came down hard on Neville with a Double Axe Handle. That was then followed up by Aries’ Heat Seeking Missile right to the outside. Back in the ring, Neville avoided another submission and landed a Pump Kick on Aries in the corner. Both men climbed to the top rope for something big, but Aries shoved Neville off right into a backflip. Aries came right off with a nice Missile Dropkick right after. Once Neville recovered, he planted Aries with a Snap German Suplex. Neville went for a Deadlift German Suplex, but Aries flipped out of it and looked to land his Discus Fivearm Spinning Elbow. Neville Superkicked him away and then pulled off the move he tried landing before. Neville then began kicking Aries repeatedly while the ref tried to stop his assault.

Soon, both men began exchanging strikes. Aries cracked Neville with his Discus Fivearm, but Neville slipped outside after getting hit. Aries struggled to get Neville back in the ring. Neville landed an Enzuguri on Aries and then looked to land his Red Arrow, but Aries took him down with a Frankensteiner. Aries followed that up with an elbow strike in the corner and a 450 Splash. Neville managed to kick out, though! Aries locked Neville in his Last Chancery, but Neville stuck his fingers right into Aries repaired eye. Neville then got the win by kicking the rope right into Aries’ injured eye and finishing him off with a Red Arrow.

Find out how to watch a free live stream of WWE WrestleMania 33 here:


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