Jewel Harris Smith, J.R.’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers is married to Jewel Harris Smith.

J.R. and Jewel’s wedding took place in 2016, and the couple has three children together, one of whom was just born earlier this year.

So what information is available about Jewel Harris Smith, the wife of J.R. Smith? Here’s what you need to know.

1. They Were Married in 2016

J.R. and Jewel Smith were married in August 2016.

When this wedding took place, J.R. and Jewel were already raising two children; they had dated in the past but got back together 2015, according to NBPA.

J.R. Smith proposed to Jewel Harris in August 2015, and the wedding finally took place in August 2016.

“Ever since I got back with my wife, Jewel, last year and proposed to her in August, things started going uphill slowly but surely,” J.R. Smith told NBPA in 2016.

2. Her Daughter, Demi Smith, Is Eight Years Old

J.R. and Jewel Smith’s daughter Demi is now eight years old, born on February 9th, 2009.

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Demi says "Happy V Day Yo" lol #Got2LoveIt

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Demi is evidently a big fan of Taylor Swift, even writing a letter to the pop singer in 2016.

After a game, Demi Smith once told ESPN of her dad, “I’m just proud of him because he made the championship without getting kicked off the team.”

On Demi’s eighth birthday, Jewel Smith said on Instagram that her daughter is her hero.

She wrote, “She is my hero and my angel on earth! thank you for always being there for me and by my side. My strength when I was weak and my eyes when I could not see or think straight. You will always be my motivating force, my daughter and My mini bestie. I Become baffled watching you grow into such a well rounded little lady. Happy 8th birthday.”

In November 2016, after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, J.R. Smith said he didn’t know how to tell his daughter.

“How do you explain to this face what happen?” Smith wrote accompanying a picture of his daughter. “You can be a educated women in your field an not get the job because your a women or cause your black? How do you say “go try your best” even though it won’t be good enough. How do I even feel confident sending her on play dates knowing the kids family voted for the racist, sexist person an I don’t know how they will treat her when she’s gone. How? Seriously How? I understand let go and let God! But damn!”

3. Demi Helped J.R. Propose to Jewel

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J.R. Smith recruited his daughter Demi to help him propose to Jewel Smith.

In a video posted on Smith’s Instagram account, Demi is seen presenting the engagement ring to Jewel, saying, “Mommy, will you marry us?”

Jewel, of course, said yes; this came after reports that J.R. Smith and Jewel Harris had already been secretly married.

4. Her Other Daughter Is Peyton Smith, Who Is Also Eight Years Old

J.R. Smith’s other daughter is Peyton Smith.

Peyton just recently turned eight; she was born on April 20th, 2009. J.R. refers to her as “PeyPey.”

In 2016, J.R. Smith attended the Kid’s Choice Awards with his wife and two children.

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#FBF this past summer with my ladies!

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Smith recently said that when he comes home to his two girls, it doesn’t really matter whether he won a game that night or not.

On Peyton’s birthday, Jewel Smith wrote on Instagram, “Happy Happy Birthday to my Big Girl Peyton!! A whole 8 years old..where does the time go? 1 of my 3 girls that God has blessed me with…Dmah loves you so much”

5. Recently, Her Daughter Dakota Was Born Five Months Early

In January 2017, J.R. and Jewel Smith announced that their daughter, Dakota, had been born five months early.

They explained this to their fans in a video at the time, in which they were clearly very concerned about their daughter.

“She’s five days old today, and her name is Dakota, and she weighs 1 pound,” Jewel Smith said. “We decided to share with the world what’s been going on with our family in the past five days…We know we’re not the only family going through this, has been through this or who will ever go through it.”

A few months later, however, Dakota was doing very well, being taken off of her breathing tube in March, according to CBS Sports.

On the website My Kota Bear, the Smiths have been tracking the progress of their daughter Dakota, with the About Kota Bear section of the website being written in her voice.

“Hi, My Name is Dakota and I was born 5 months premature at 22 weeks,” the website says. “I made my grand entrance into this world on January 2, 2017 weighing in at a whopping 1LB. My parents did not expect me until May 2017, but I was ready to meet my beautiful family. I am residing in the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit until I get big and strong. Thank you all for your prayers, they are carrying me throughout this journey.”

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