Karina Steen, Kevin Owens’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Owens is the current WWE United States Champion, being introduced on SmackDown Live as the “Face of America.”

In real life, though, Kevin Owens’ real name is Kevin Yanick Steen, and he is a 32-year-old husband and father. Since 2007, he has been married to Karina Steen, with whom he has two children.

Here’s what you need to know about Karina Steen, Kevin Owens’ wife.

1. She & Kevin Have Matching Tattoos

As Kevin Owens recently showed off on his Twitter page, he and his wife have matching tattoos.

On Karina’s hand is the word “Beauty,” and on Owens’ hand is the word “Beast.”

That’s not all, though; Kevin Owens also has a “K” tattooed on his leg. Owens says that just a month after he and Karina met, they both got matching “K” tattoos. This was actually Kevin Owens’ first tattoo ever.

“I met my wife, her name’s Karina,” Owens told WWE.com. “She changed everything I knew about life, because I couldn’t imagine meeting someone who would make me feel that way. A month after we met, we went to get a tattoo, and it was very small. I just got this little ‘K,’ and she got a K on her pelvis for ‘Kevin.'”

Later, Owens got “Karina” tattooed on his right hand.

Owens also has a bull tattooed on his arm, which his wife inspired him to get; Owens told WWE.com that his wife always told him he reminds her of a bull.

2. Kevin Owens Says He Is The Luckiest Guy on Earth

Kevin Owens wife, Karina Steen, Kevin Owens kids, Kevin Owens family

Kevin Owens and his wife, Karina Steen. (Instagram)

Kevin Owens very frequently posts on his social media pages about being madly in love with his wife.

In February 2017, Owens posted a photo of him with Karina, writing, “She truly makes me the luckiest guy on Earth. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am now without her love and support. She’s amazing!”

In March 2017, Owens posted about missing his wife, presumably because they were separated in Kevin Owens’ travels. Owens wrote, “My beauty…My Life…Just a couple more hours until I’m back by her side. I can’t wait!”

Owens even has a tribute to his wife in his Twitter bio. Before anything about the WWE, the bio says, “Dude with beautiful wife and awesome kids.”

In interviews, Kevin Owens never misses an opportunity to heap praise upon his wife.

“[M]y wife’s incredible,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “She’s the backbone of our family and, since the moment we met, knew how passionate I was about this. It’s all I can do. I wouldn’t be able to hold a nine-to-five. That’s no knock on anybody who does it. I just don’t think I’d be able to, so for her to be supportive is great.

3. She Deleted Her Instagram Account, Reportedly Due to Online Bullying

Kevin Owens wife, Karina Steen, Kevin Owens kids, Kevin Owens family

Karina Steen used to have an active Instagram account. (Instagram)

Karina Steen used to have a significant online presence, posting a number of photos of herself and Kevin on a popular Instagram page.

However, that page has since been deleted, and Steen no longer has any official online accounts.

Karina Steen never commented about why she was making the decision to delete her Instagram, but according to Wrestling Inc, it is believed that it was due to online bullying.

4. She & Kevin Have a Son, Owen

Karina Steen and Kevin Owens have a son together, Owen, who was reportedly named after Owen Hart.

Owen is a big fan of professional wrestling, in particular of John Cena, as Kevin Owens explained on an episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho’s podcast. Owens said that his son would constantly ask him when he was going to wrestle John Cena, and so when Owens made his Raw debut by facing John Cena in a match, Owen was pretty blown away; in a video captured by Karina Steen, Owen exclaims, “He’s fighting John Cena! What? Oh my god!”

Kevin Owens also explained on Talk is Jericho that there was an instance in which he brought his son to a WWE show and John Cena did not come to say hi to him. Cena later found out about this and wrote a long, handwritten letter to Owen apologizing, something that Kevin Owens says blew him away.

“He hand wrote a letter to my son, like two full pages…and the letter was John basically apologizing for that,” Kevin Owens said. “It was crazy. Honestly, as a father, my crowning moment now is that moment when I got to see my son interact with John for the first time.”

When Kevin Owens won the Universal Championship in August 2016, his son was shocked; in a video recorded by Karina Steen, Owen says, “I’m speechless right now.”

As a tribute to his son, Owens has a tattoo on his wrist that says “Owen.” He told WWE.com that the only thing he son has been consistently enthusiastic about his entire life is John Cena, and so he joked that he might have to get a John Cena tattoo.

5. She & Kevin Have a Daughter, Élodie

Kevin and Karina Steen have another daughter: Élodie.

It looks like Élodie is already starting to get into wrestling, as Kevin Owens in March posted a video on his Twitter page of his daughter playing with WWE toys. Owens wrote, “My daughter has my WrestleMania entrance all worked out.”

As a tribute to his daughter, Owens has a tattoo on his wrist that says “Élodie,” right underneath the tattoo that says “Owen.”

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