NBA Draft Order: 1st Round Order for 2017

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The Boston Celtics have won the 2017 NBA Lottery as the lottery odds projected. The Los Angeles Lakers were able to keep their pick at two since it landed inside the top three. The Sixers jumped up to the third spot while the Suns went down to four. The Kings were the biggest movers of the night jumping up to number five.

Click here to check out Heavy’s live NBA mock draft that will be updated with the final draft order of the lottery.

The Celtics, thanks to a 2013 trade with the Nets, entered the night with the best chance to win the lottery at 25 percent. According to Tankathon, the lowest Boston can pick is fourth. Phoenix is next in line with a 19.9 percent chance, and the Lakers are third with a 15.6 percent chance. It goes a bit deeper for Los Angeles who would have lost their pick to the Sixers if they did not land inside the top three.

Two point guards are dominating the discussion as the potential No. 1 pick. Washington’s Markelle Fultz and UCLA’s Lonzo Ball are fighting to be the top pick.

Here’s a look at the NBA lottery odds and the first round order.

NBA Draft Order: 1st Round

1 Boston Celtics (via Nets)
2 Los Angeles Lakers
3 Philadelphia 76ers
4 Phoenix Suns
5 Sacramento Kings
6 Orlando Magic
7 Minnesota Timberwolves
8 New York Knicks
9 Dallas Mavericks
10 Sacramento Kings (via Pelicans)
11 Charlotte Hornets
12 Detroit Pistons
13 Denver Nuggets
14 Miami Heat
15 Portland Blazers
16 Chicago Bulls
17 Milwaukee Bucks
18 Indiana Pacers
19 Atlanta Hawks
20 Portland Blazers (via Grizzlies)
21 Oklahoma City Thunder
22 Brooklyn Nets (via Wizards)
23 Toronto Raptors (via Clippers)
24 Utah Jazz
25 Orlando Magic (via Raptors)
26 Portland Blazers (via Cavs)
27 Brooklyn Nets (via Celtics)
28 Los Angeles Lakers (via Rockets)
29 San Antonio Spurs
30 Utah Jazz (via Warriors)

NBA Draft Lottery Odds

Here’s a breakdown of each team’s odds to win the lottery courtesy of Tankathon.

1 Boston Celtics 25%
2 Phoenix Suns 19.9%
3 LA Lakers 15.6%
4 Philadelphia Sixers 11.9%
5 Orlando Magic 8.8%
6 Minnesota Timberwolves 5.3%
7 New York Knicks 5.3%
8 Sacramento Kings 2.8%
9 Dallas Mavericks 1.7%
10 New Orleans Pelicans 1.1%
11 Charlotte Hornets 0.8%
12 Detroit Pistons 0.7%
13 Denver Nuggets 0.6%
14 Miami Heat 0.5%

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