Jackie Marin, Nicky Hayden’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nicky Hayden wife girlfriend Jackie Marin

Jackie Marin pictured on her Twitter page.

Motorcycle racing star Nicky Hayden became engaged to reality TV star Jackie Marin in May 2016 in Italy. A year later and Hayden was left fighting for his life following a crash in the same country. AP Sports reports that Hayden was hit by a car while riding on a bicycle in the Italian town of Rimini. It’s reported that he suffered injuries to his head and chest. Hayden was riding with friends when a Peugeot car smashed into him, leaving him on the road. On May 22, it was announced that Hayden had passed away after suffering from a serious polytrauma with subsequent serious cerebral damage.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Marin Starred in a Reality Show Named The Tequila Sisters

TEQUILA SISTERS IntroTVGN (TV Guide Network) serves up December on the rocks as a father struggles to keep tradition alive while raising four rambunctious, sexy, independent minded daughters with the original series premiere of TEQUILA SISTERS on Tuesday, December 10 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.2013-11-06T21:54:37.000Z

In 2013, Marin starred in a TV Guide Network series The Tequila Sisters. The show focused on the lives of her and her sisters, Jen, Lauren and Catherine as well as their parents, Lori and Bill, who were born in Mexico City. Now, the family is based in Orange County, California. Lori Marin talking about the cultural differences in the lead up to the show’s release saying, “Here we have lost that culture of mom-and-dad. In Mexico, a woman lives at home. It’s not right for them to move out.” While Bill Marin says, “Even if my girls were never to get married and they still live at home when they’re 40, 50 years old, that would make me the happiest man on Earth.”

The press release for the show refers to Jackie as being the family “princess” and says she’s “in love with a motorcycle racer named Nicky Hayden.”

2. Hayden Says Jackie Marin Is His Favorite Actress

Nicky Hayden Twitter

Hayden and Marin just after he popped the question. (Twitter)

Hayden said in a bio for MC News that his favorite actress is “Jackie Marin.” The racer also said that his favorite woman’s name is Jackie.

In 2012, Marin appeared in an independent movie for Brother Strause, according to her Facebook page.

On his Twitter page, Hayden says that his loves are “Bikes & Family” while his location is put as “I hope on a bike somewhere.”

3. Boxing Is One of Marin’s Passions

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According to her Facebook page, “True to Jackie’s Hispanic heritage, she loves watching professional boxing and cheering on her favorite Mexican boxers.” That same bio says that Marin’s other passion is music and that “singing is what drives her to pursue a career in music and take the stage with her bold yet sultry voice. ”

A TV Guide bio on Jackie says that she is a “talented singer… [who] recorded a track with her sister Lauren, Jackie is primed to jump onto the scene.”

4. Marin Is ‘Rarely Away From Hayden’s Side’

Nicky Hayden Jackie Marin Fiancee

Marin and Hayden pictured together in May 2016 just prior to him popping the question. (Getty)

The TV Guide bio for Marin says that her show biz career has been somewhat curtailed because she is “content being on the road with Nicky.” The couple engaged in Italy, the day after Hayden raced. Speed Week covered the proposal and noted that Jackie is “rarely” away from Hayden’s side.

5. There’s Been an Outpouring of Support for Hayden on Twitter


As news of Hayden’s accident spread, the racing community reached out via Twitter to issue their best wishes to the 2006 MotoGP World Championship winner. Here are some of the most poignant tributes:

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