WWE ‘Raw’ Spoilers: What Did Corey Graves Show Kurt Angle?

UPDATE: Since the original publication of this post, there has been a key update. On the July 10th episode of Monday Night Raw, there was a backstage segment in which Kurt Angle said that his career might be destroyed by the damaging information that has come out about him. He also said he was concerned about his family leaving him when it comes to light. Angle said that he was going to go public with all of this on the July 17th episode of Raw. Later, he had a phone call with a mysterious person who he said should come to Raw next week, adding, “I love you.” Very little else has been revealed, but for what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has been reporting that the conclusion of the Angle storyline will almost certainly involve Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, there was a highly mysterious segment in which Corey Graves revealed some damaging information to Kurt Angle. So what exactly was going on here? What did Graves tell Angle?

In the segment, Angle reads something on his phone saying that he is a horrible general manager and that he is an embarrassment to the WWE. Graves says that he loves what Kurt Angle is doing as general manager but that he wanted to give him a heads up about this. Angle says, “If this is true, it could ruin me.”

That’s all we really know at this time, but most fans think this has something to do with Stephanie McMahon. McMahon is due to return any week now, and she has been known to feud with the general manager of Raw, as she did recently with Mick Foley.

The way the segment was set up, it seems that Angle is likely reading comments Stephanie McMahon made about him, whether in a private email or in some sort of meeting; someone then leaked those comments to Corey Graves, and Graves received the information during the show. He then became so concerned that he got up and passed the information on to Kurt Angle.

The obvious implication is that Stephanie McMahon is getting ready to fire or reprimand Kurt Angle. Why? Well, when the WWE posted this clip on their Twitter account, they set it up by saying that Corey Graves “seems to have found some scandalous information about” Kurt Angle, which suggests that Stephanie McMahon was responding to a specific revelation. What that information is is anyone’s guess, but one theory that has been posed is that Stephanie has just found out that Kurt Angle’s neck was actually completely fine when he won his gold medal. After all, one of the comments read out loud was that Angle “besmirched his status as an olympic gold medalist.”

Angle’s comment that “if this is true” it could ruin him does complicate things, as it suggests that the revelation is something he himself doesn’t know much about. However, he could have just meant that if it’s true that Stephanie McMahon made these comments, this could spell trouble.

Stephanie McMahon has been absent from WWE programming since WrestleMania 33, when she was thrown into a table during Seth Rollins’ match with Triple H. Within the WWE storyline, she has been absent because she was injured during this match, although in reality, she went on vacation with her family after WrestleMania. She has since returned to work, and so the WWE has likely just been waiting to reintroduce her until there is a good story there. Now, it appears they have found their angle, and it’s through Angle himself.

Some others believe this might have something to do with Adam Cole, who is a free agent and whose move to WWE has been rumored. Others think William Regal is involved, mainly because of the use of the word “besmirched.” Still others believe Corey Graves made all of this up and that he’s attempting to steal Angle’s job from him.

Check back in next week for more about the storyline involving Kurt Angle on Monday Night Raw. 

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