WATCH: LaVar & Lonzo Ball on WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’

LaVar Ball takes over “Miz TV”: Raw, June 26, 2017Los Angeles Lakers draft pick Lonzo Ball and his family arrive on the set of "Miz TV" for a memorable edition of the "must-see" talk show. #RAW More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: Visit

Lonzo, LaMelo and LaVar Ball made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw this evening.

On a segment of “Miz TV,” a Raw talk show segment hosted by one of the WWE’s heel characters, The Miz introduced LaVar Ball as the only celebrity who has been talked about more than him this past year. (The Miz’s character is a hilariously arrogant Hollywood celebrity constantly bragging about his appearances in low-rent, direct-to-DVD movies as if he is a regular Tom Cruise.) The Miz’s segments are often structured around him interviewing guests, although the guests are typically people with some connection to the WWE.

Both LaVar Ball and Lonzo Ball got their own WWE-style entrances, complete with theme music and graphics on the JumboTron. LaMelo came out at the same time as his father, while Lonzo got a separate entrance.

The Miz then tried to partner up with the Ball family, something that LaVar Ball did not go for. LaVar and The Miz proceeded to get into a fight in the ring, trading verbal blows back and forth. They almost had an actual match, with LaVar Ball taking off his shirt and getting ready to rumble, but they were interrupted by Dean Ambrose, the person The Miz has been feuding with lately.

Right before the show cut to commercial, LaMelo Ball dropped a racial slur, shouting, “Beat that n—- ass!”

After Dean Ambrose came out into the ring, the segment ended, and the Ball family left during the commercial, not actually getting any proper sendoff. When the show came back from commercial, things had moved on; The Miz was fighting in a match with Dean Ambrose and a few other wrestlers.

During the segment, Lonzo and LaVar Ball received a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd, with the loudest boos coming when The Miz quoted LaVar Ball as saying his son could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one.

It made sense for Lonzo and LaVar Ball to appear on Monday Night Raw this week, as the WWE show was taped at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Just a few days ago, Lonzo Ball was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft.

This was the first time that LaVar Ball has made an appearance on WWE programming, although he has had some interactions with the world of sports entertainment before. During an interview last month, Ric Flair actually called out Ball specifically.

“Do you want me to bring up LaVar Ball? That’s too easy, man,” Flair said. “Lot of ammunition there, huh? He told [ESPN’s] Stephen A. [Smith], ‘I’m undefeated.’ That’s only because he hasn’t run into me. Woo! He wouldn’t even say that to me.”

And LaVar Ball has been compared to a WWE personality before, with ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit making this comparison back in March.

“He’s like a WWE character,” Herbstreit said of Ball on Twitter. “Clearly doesn’t believe half the stuff he says–but it creates headlines and getting people’s attention. Sucks.”