How Long Is WWE Battleground & What Time Does It End?

Battleground wwe, Battleground wwe 2017, randy orton jinder mahal punjabi prison Randy Orton fought Jinder Mahal in a Punjabi Prison match at Battleground.

Battleground, the newest WWE pay-per-view, is now just hours away. For those who are planning Battleground viewing parties or who just want to know when they’ll be able to get to bed after the event, how long should we expect the pay-per-view to last? What time is it over?

Pay-per-views broadcast on the WWE Network are not under as strict a time restraint as the weekly programs that air on the USA Network. Therefore, WWE pay-per-views vary in length, and the company can cut their shows short or take them long as they please. Last year’s Survivor Series, for example, ended pretty early because of how quickly Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar, while WrestleMania stretched past midnight.

However, WWE pay-per-views are generally between 160 and 185 minutes, meaning Battleground should wrap up between between 10:40 and 11:05 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Most WWE pay-per-views this year, other than the more significant shows like Survivor Series and WrestleMania, have ended prior to 11:00 p.m Eastern Time. Money in the Bank and Extreme Rules both ended at 10:42, Backlash ended at 10:49, and Payback ended at 10:45.  However, Fastlane ended at 11:03, Elimination Chamber ended at 11:04, and Great Balls of Fire also ended at 11:04.

The main event of Battleground will almost certainly be the Punjabi Prison match between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton, in which the WWE Championship is on the line. No one knows how long this match is going to be, but for what it’s worth, the first Punjabi Prison match ever was 21 minutes long, and the second Punjabi Prison match was 14 minutes long. If this one is around that length, it would start sometime between 10:22 and 10:48 p.m. Eastern Time.

The other big matches at WWE Battleground are the United States Championship match between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens and the Flag Match between John Cena and Rusev. Kicking off the night will be a match between Tye Dillinger and Aiden English, which will air as part of the pre-show beginning at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.