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For the second time in less than a year, Jermain Defoe is being accused of breaking up a marriage. The Bournemouth striker is expected to be named in divorce papers relating to the separation of radio DJ Ben Weston and his wife, Sally, reports the Daily Mirror. Both Weston and the striker are saying that her husband’s claims outrageous.

These claims just a month after Defoe’s friendship with the terminally ill child Bradley Lowery endeared him to the nation. Lowery suffered from neuroblastoma. The 6-year-old passed away on July 7. Defoe had said of their friendship, “As a person he has changed me because of what he’s going through at such a young age.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Reports Say Weston & Defoe Met Each Other When She Sold Him a Hot Tub

The Daily Mirror’s report says that Defoe and Weston met each other when she sold him a hot tub in Newcastle. At the time, Defoe played for nearby Sunderland. Some time after that meeting, Weston’s husband contacted Defoe and accused him of ruining their marriage.

Someone close to Defoe told the Mirror, “Ben is convinced Jermain is the reason why his marriage ended. Things have become so bad that Sally has contacted Jermain to reassure him that the divorce is down to Ben’s unreasonable behavior. Jermain is horrified he is being dragged into it all.”

2. Weston’s Twitter Page Is Dominated by Photos & Retweets Featuring Defoe

Jermain Defoe Sally Weston Twitter


Photos on Weston’s Twitter and Facebook pages show her at Sunderland games while Defoe was a player there.

According to her Facebook page, Weston “likes” Sunderland and Bournemouth.

3. Weston’s Husband Said She Makes the Best Food ‘Anywhere in the World’

Sally Weston’s husband Ben.

In a profile on Heart FM’s website, Ben Weston mentioned his wife several times, when asked about his favorite food: “Lasagne. Made by my wife. It’s the best I’ve tasted anywhere in the world, and believe me I’ve tried a few!”

A family relation of Ben Weston’s told the Mirror, “This has come as a shock to all of us, they were such a happy couple. Our family is devastated and so is Sally’s. They were a loving couple with a beautiful home, a good business and careers, and it’s all gone up in smoke.”

Ben and Sally Weston had been married for nine years and lived in a $650,000 home in Durham in northern England. A friend of hers told the Mirror that Weston’s marriage just didn’t work out.

When asked about his dream weekend in the Heart FM piece, Ben Weston said, “Perfection would be driving an Aston Martin DB9 down to the south of France with my wife, accompanied by a guidebook of nice restaurants and a reserve of lasagne in a cold box in the boot. Failing that, an afternoon wandering along the beach somewhere like Holy Island with a nice afternoon tea would do just fine.”

4. Weston Says That She Is ‘Keeping My Heels High & My Squats Low’

Sally Weston Hot Sexy Instagram


On her Instagram page, Weston writes in her bio, “Keeping my heels high and my squats low.” While on her Twitter page, Weston says she is a “bathroom and hot tub specialist.” According to her LinkedIn page, Weston is a graduate of Newcastle University where she studied agricultural business management and food marketing. Since 2003, Weston has worked in hot tub sales for ABS Ideal Homes in Newcastle.

5. In September 2016, Defoe Was Accused of Sleeping With Lap Dancer Rachel Segalofsky, Thus Ending Her Marriage

Racel Segalovsky Instagram Facebook photos pictures

FacebookDefoe was accused of sleeping with Rachel Segalovsky in September 2016 causing the end of her marriage to Tony Calvert (pictured).

In September 2016, the Daily Mail reported that dock worker Tony Calvert was going to name Defoe in his divorce proceedings. Calvert accused Defoe of sleeping with his lap dancer wife, Rachel Segalofsky.

Calvert had told the Daily Mirror at the time, “That’s what I’ve asked my solicitor to do. It’s what ­happened. She left me for him. I’ve got nothing left to lose. I am divorcing her on the grounds of adultery and he’s the other guy. My main concern is our daughter so I’d better not say too much at this stage.”

Calvert and Segalofsky had a three year old daughter together. Defoe was a Sunderland player at the time while Calvert is a fan of their hated rivals, Newcastle United.

The Mail reported that Segalofsky worked as a dancer under the name Lydia at the Blue Velvet club in Newcastle. The Daily Mirror reports that Segalofsky moved to Bournemouth when Defoe transferred there. The lap dancer was pictured at Bradley Lowery’s funeral in July.

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