Last Chance U: Season 3 Will Not Be at EMCC

Fans of the popular Netflix show Last Chance U will have a new school to familiarize themselves with when season three is released. The first two seasons have been at East Mississippi Community College, but The Robesonian’s Jonathan Bym reported Independence Community College in Kansas will be the location for season three.

While a release date has not been announced, filming will begin this fall with season three likely to be released late in summer 2018 as it has been the last two seasons.

EMCC head coach Buddy Stephens is one of the central characters in the Netflix docu-series. The series does not always paint Stephens in a positive light, often catching his emotional outbursts with players and referees. However, Stephens wanted the show to return to Scooba for a third season.

“There’s a whole lotta story still to be written,” Stephens told USA Today. “All new kids, new coaches on the offensive side of the ball, a new defensive coordinator. It would show a whole new view.”

Independence Community College has not quite had the same number of star transfers as EMCC, but they have had their fair share of transfers from larger college football programs. As Sporting News notes, ICC head coach, Jason Brown, a former Kansas City Chiefs scout, would assume the “role” of Stephens in season three.

Director Greg Whiteley spoke with USA Today about who they choose to focus on during the series, including players who have left major college football programs.

I think we focused on them because there was so much at stake. There was no doubt they had the talent to go back to Division I, so everything, for them, mattered that much more.

And one thing we look for, when we pick a character, is an interesting background. And those kids, by nature of what they’re going through and where they’re coming from, are sure to have an intriguing backstory.