WWE: How Long Did Jason Jordan Know About the Kurt Angle Twist?

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WWE Network Jason Jordan speaks in a WWE Network interview on July 18th.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, it was revealed that Jason Jordan is actually Kurt Angle’s son. That’s not true in real life, obviously; it’s just a fictional storyline development. For months beforehand, the WWE had been teasing this reveal, with it being stated that Kurt Angle had a damaging secret that was going to be exposed. So did Jason Jordan know from the beginning that he was going to be revealed as Kurt Angle’s son? At what point did he find this out?

It sounds like Jason Jordan actually found out about the twist not long before we did. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Jordan was only told about the plot twist a week before the Raw episode in which it was revealed.

This means that for a month and a half, as it was said on Monday Night Raw that there was a damaging secret that could damage Kurt Angle’s career, Jason Jordan speculated about this along with everyone else. Then, as it became clear that the twist was about to be revealed, Jason Jordan was finally told that the secret all along was that he is the illegitimate son of Kurt Angle.

Clearly, that must have come as quite a shock to Jason Jordan, and this is a pretty big deal for his career, especially because Pro Wrestling Sheet recently reported that the Jordan/Angle storyline will be a major part of Raw for at least the next few months. Clearly, Jordan is about to receive a major push, and this also means that he can no longer wrestle alongside his tag team partner, Chad Gable.

It’s not entirely clear when Chad Gable found out about this twist. One would think he would be given advance notice, but it was just recently that Renee Young found out that Talking Smack was canceled via Twitter, so anything’s possible. Gable tweeted his surprise during Monday Night Raw last week, and he subsequently released a lengthy and emotional statement thanking Jason Jordan for their time together.

It also must have been surreal for Jason Jordan to find this out about this because Kurt Angle was a huge inspiration for him, to the point that when asked on Twitter in 2012 who his hero is, he named Kurt Angle (and, ironically, he named his dad as another hero.)

Jordan also talked about how influential Kurt Angle was in an interview with ESPN last October.

“I grew up watching Kurt and so I’ve studied him a lot and figured out what it is that made him so great, what made him so amazing to watch,” Jordan told ESPN. “So trying to make sure that I picked up some of those things, but at the same time being myself, because I never wanna try and mimic somebody else. I wanna be myself and be the first Jason Jordan. I don’t wanna be the second Kurt Angle.”