WWE: How Tall Is the Punjabi Prison Structure?

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WWEThe Punjabi Prison structure on SmackDown Live.

Tonight at WWE Battleground, there will be a Punjabi Prison match for the first time in 10 years. The whole match is built around the Punjabi Prison itself, with this being hyped up as an incredibly dangerous structure. So what exactly are the dimensions of this structure? How tall is it?

The Punjabi Prison consists of two separate bamboo cages. The inner cage is 16 feet tall, and the outer cage is 20 feet tall. While the inside structure has four sides, the outside structure has eight sides. The inner cage of the Punjabi Prison has four doors on its sides, and each of these doors is just four feet by four feet.

For comparison, the Hell in a Cell structure is 20 feet tall, and so the outer cage of the Punjabi Prison is equivalent in height to the Hell in a Cell structure.

A Punjabi Prison match is not actually all that different from a steel cage match. The idea is that in order to win, a wrestler must escape from the structure, ending up with both of their feet on the ground. Usually, a lot of the drama of the match comes down to the wrestlers climbing up the cages, only to be attacked on the way up.

The previous two Punjabi Prison matches took place at Great American Bash 2006 and then at No Mercy 2007. During the Great American Bash one, a particularly great spot came when The Undertaker climbed the inner cage and jumped over to the top of the outer cage, dropkicking Big Show off. At No Mercy 2007, a highlight was The Great Khali climbing the outer cage, only for Batista to climb the inner cage, jump across to the outer cage, overtake Khali, and make it out. This is how he won the match.

The Punjabi Prison match tonight will be between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal, with the WWE Championship on the line.