WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Match Results & Spoilers July 24th

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WWE.com Sasha Banks will face Bayley tonight on Raw.

A new episode of Monday Night Raw just finished airing live on the USA Network. Here’s what happened:

11:05 – After the match, Seth Rollins goes for a fist bump, but Dean Ambrose blows him off and walks away.

10:43 Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeat The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. 

10:36 – Backstage, The Miz says that Seth Rollins is like Hollywood: desperate to reboot once-successful franchises, in this case the franchise being The Shield. However, he says that the Miztourage is what’s fresh and original.

10:35 – After the match ends, The Hardy Boyz run into the ring and attack Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, who retreat as the Hardys stand victorious.

10:26  Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They win in part because The Hardy Boyz come out and Gallows and Anderson become distracted.

10:23 – Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson interview one another in the ring; this was supposed to be an interview with Charly Caruso, but they tell her to scram, and they just ask each other questions. During the course of this interview, they declare that they are the future of the tag team division on Raw. 

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter. They say that everything Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have done, they did first. They also say that Wilder and Dawson are nothing but a couple of top nerds. With this segment, Gallows and Anderson appear to have turned face.

10:13 Jason Jordan fights Curt Hawkins. This match lasts just about two minutes, with Jordan putting Hawkins away pretty easily.

10:06 – Backstage, Curt Hawkins complains that all anybody can talk about is Jason Jordan. He says that he’s going to ruin Jordan’s big debut tonight.

10:05 – After the match ends, Alexa Bliss enters the ring and stares down Bayley while holding up the Raw Women’s Championship.

9:50  Bayley defeats Sasha Banks, meaning she will go on to face Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Sasha almost scores the win by executing a frog splash, but Bayley counters and rolls Sasha into the pin.

9:43 – Seth Rollins approaches Dean Ambros backstage. Rollins says he’s looking forward to teaming up with Ambrose, and he wants to come up with a game plan. Ambrose isn’t interested in coming up with a plan. Ambrose also says that tonight, he doesn’t just have to worry about three guys; he has to worry about four.

9:41 – In a backstage interview, Jason Jordan says that all eyes are on him, but he can handle the pressure. He also says that it’s incredible that the person he grew up emulating and admiring is his biological father.

9:32 – Backstage, Sasha Banks and Bayley promise each other that they’ll remain best friends even after tonight. Banks is really upset about what Alexa said earlier, and Bayley tries to calm her down.

9:28 – Akira Tozawa calls out Ariya Daivari, telling him to come to the ring. Instead, Neville enters. He says that he tried to warn Tozawa, but he went and trusted the false promises of Titus O’Neil, which has not gotten him anywhere. He also says that Tozawa has become a shell of his former self.

At that moment, Tozawa attacks Neville. Now that Tozawa is not ready for a fight, Ariya Daivari enters and starts attacking Tozawa. Daivari then attacks Neville, and he stands in the ring victorious over both Neville and Tozawa.

9:22 – Backstage, Akira Tozawa, who is wearing a shoulder brace, is amped up to face Ariya Daivari. Titus O’Neil says that he got the match between Tozawa and Daivari canceled for Tozawa’s own good. Tozawa refuses not to have the match. He makes his way to the ring for the match, with Titus O’Neil following him out. Titus is yelling at him the whole time until Tozawa finally pushes him.

9:18 Nia Jax defeats Emma in a match that only lasts about two minutes.

9:12 – Backstage, Alexa Bliss says that she is not worried about SummerSlam and that no matter who wins tonight, she’ll be able to defeat them.

9:08 – Big Show enters. He comes to protect Enzo Amore, but Big Cass takes him down and utterly dominates him for a few minutes. Cass stands in the ring victorious as Big Show lies injured and the segment ends.

9:00  Big Cass defeats Enzo Amore. This match only lasts a few minutes, and Big Cass dominates Enzo Amore for that entire time.

8:54 – Backstage, Kurt Angle says that Jason Jordan wanted to prove himself, which is why he booked him in a match tonight.

Emma enters. She asks Kurt Angle why she’s had to sit on the sidelines recently. She says that maybe she’ll start dating Jason Jordan to get Angle’s attention. Angle places Emma in a match with Nia Jax for tonight.

8:26  Elias Samson defeats Finn Balor in a no disqualification match. Just as Finn Balor is about to take out Elias Samson, Bray Wyatt appears and executes a Sister Abigail on Balor. Samson then covers Finn Balor and gets the win.

8:22 – Elias Samson opens a segment in the ring. He says that last week, he was sad to hurt one of his babies, i.e. his guitar that he hit Balor over the head with. In a song, he insults the people of Washington, D.C, where the show is being taped.

8:03 – Kurt Angle enters. He says that tonight, his son Jason Jordan will have his very first match on Raw. He then transitions to talking about the main event of last week, deciding that at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar will face…

Kurt Angle’s sentence is interrupted by Braun Strowman. Strowman says that Kurt Angle better be about to say his name. Samoa Joe then enters. He says that he’s the man who tamed the beast at Great Balls of Fire. This is why he deserves a match against Lesnar at SummerSlam, he says.

Roman Reigns enters. He says that neither Strowman nor Joe has really done anything around here, unlike him, and he goes on to list off all of his accomplishments, including retiring The Undertaker. Strowman says he doesn’t care if it’s a fatal four-way as long as he can pile up bodies. Roman tells Strowman to shut up.

A fight is about to break out when Kurt Angle stops them. Angle decides that at SummerSlam, Lesnar will face Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman in a fatal four-way. Joe is really not happy about this.

A brawl breaks out between all three of them. A bunch of WWE security officials run in to try to break it up, but Strowman attacks all of them. Then the entire locker room comes out to break up the fight, but even they are not really successful. Strowman finally stands tall over Roman Reigns, and his theme plays as the segment ends.

8:00 – The show opens with a recap of last week’s main event, in which Braun Strowman interfered in the match between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns.