WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Match Results & Spoilers July 25th

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WWE.com The Great Khali helps Jinder Mahal retain the World Championship.

A new episode of SmackDown Live just wrapped up on the USA Network. Here’s what happened.

9:57 – After the match ends, Kevin Owens goes ballistic, destroying the commentary table and throwing things around. He then takes the microphone and says that it’s not fair that Shane McMahon forced him to defend his title in a triple threat match. He says that next week, he wants a rematch one-on-one with AJ Styles.

9:36  AJ Styles defeats Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, winning the United States Championship. This match ends when Styles pins Jericho; Owens was about to pin Jericho, but Styles runs in and gets the pin instead. Owens looks on in absolute shock as Styles gets the win.

9:35 – Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura says, “Next week, John Cena, you can’t see me.” He adds that he’ll see Jinder at SummerSlam.

9:31 – Big E is doing his regular “Don’t you dare…” introduction, but he’s suddenly stopped because he, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are attacked by Jimmy and Jey Uso.

9:18 Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger defeat Aiden English and Mike Kanellis.

9:16 – Aiden English opens up a segment in the ring. He annoys the crowd with his singing and says that tonight he’s joined by the power of love. With that, Mike and Maria Kanellis enter.

9:15 – Backstage, Kevin Owens approaches Shane McMahon. He says that the only reason Shane put him in the triple threat match is that he doesn’t like him. Shane says that it’s actually because Jericho and Styles both have rematches. He also says that he doesn’t care who the U.S. Champion is as long as the title is defended on SmackDown Live. 

8:59 – Jinder Mahal enters. He says that at Battleground, he crushed the legacy of Randy Orton. Now, he demands to know who he will be facing at SummerSlam.

John Cena enters. He tells Jinder Mahal congratulations. He also says that he respects the fact that Mahal is in the best shape of his life and that the WWE Championship is so important to him that he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep it. He then introduces himself and says that he’ll be walking out of SummerSlam a 17-time champion, and no amount of help will be enough for Mahal.

As Cena is on his way out, Daniel Bryan enters. He says that Cena doesn’t make matches, and here on SmackDown, opportunities are earned even if you’re John Cena. Next week, John Cena will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a number one contender match.

8:46 Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeat Tamina and Lana. This match only lasts about four minutes. After the match, Tamina screams at Lana, who sits in the ring looking devastated.

8:36 – In a backstage interview, Naomi says that Natalya disrespected her on Sunday. Natalya enters and says that Naomi has disrespected the Women’s Championship.

8:22 Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Baron Corbin.

8:00 – Kevin Owens enters, holding the United States Championship. He says that at Battleground, he took his title back from that thief AJ Styles, and now he can go back to defending the title with the pride and honor it deserves, which is why he is reinstating the U.S. title open challenge. That will begin next week, he says, because there’s no way he’d defend his title in front of a bunch of hicks from Richmond, Virginia.

AJ Styles enters. He says he wants his rematch for the U.S. Championship. Owens says he’s not defending his title tonight.

Chris Jericho enters. He says it’s the return of Jericho…welcome back, maaaan! Owens is shellshocked. Jericho says that he’s back to get his rematch for the U.S. title. AJ Styles says that a lot of things have changed since Jericho left, and so he’s the next one in line for the championship. Jericho says that Styles is trying to jump in line ahead of him, and so he just made the list.

As this is happening, Kevin Owens starts walking away. But then Shane McMahon enters. He says that both Jericho and Styles have rematches for the U.S. Championship, and they’re going to get their opportunity at the same time in a triple threat match tonight.

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