WWE Spoilers: New Information About Kurt Angle’s Big Reveal

WWE.com Kurt Angle on 'Monday Night Raw.'

This Monday on Raw, Kurt Angle will drop a bombshell that has been teased for two months, and over the past few days, there has been some new information that can be used in the formulation of theories.

Immediately after Raw this week, the two biggest theories were that Kurt Angle is having an affair with Stephanie McMahon (or he had one with her back in the day), and that Chad Gable is really Kurt Angle’s son. These are based partially on the knowledge that the Wrestling Observer has reported that the storyline is leading to a match between Kurt Angle and Triple H at SummerSlam, while Pro Wrestling Sheet has suggested that this is an illegitimate child storyline.

On Thursday, the WWE posted a clip on its YouTube channel titled “What will be Kurt Angle’s big reveal?” What this clip chooses to focus on is pretty revealing; while talking about fan theories, the video never mentions Stephanie McMahon a single time. However, it does flat out say that Chad Gable is not Kurt Angle’s son.

“While a lot of people are hoping for it, we’re pretty sure Kurt Angle isn’t Chad Gable’s dad,” WWE’s Cathy Kelley says in the clip.

The WWE denying this fan theory doesn’t necessarily completely rule it out of contention, but the reveal is meant to be a surprise, so one would think that the WWE wouldn’t even bring this Chad Gable twist up if it were the actual answer. That being said, the clip does not say that Jason Jordan isn’t Kurt Angle’s son.

Meanwhile, the fact that the company’s video about fan theories completely ignores the most widespread fan theory, i.e. the one about Stephanie McMahon, could imply that this is the answer, and they therefore don’t want to talk about it and risk giving it away. They also don’t mention the theory that Kurt Angle is having an affair with Dixie Carter.

Speaking of Carter, Eric Bischoff of Bischoff on Wrestling is reporting that this is precisely what will happen on Monday: it will be revealed that Kurt Angle is having an affair with Dixie Carter.

One other development is that we recently learned that after Raw on Monday, there will be a special live interview with Kurt Angle. Obviously, then, the reveal is going to be something pretty major, and it could even close the show like the Big Cass heel turn closed the show a few weeks ago.

We’ll finally find out what Kurt Angle’s big secret is this Monday on Monday Night Raw. 

UPDATE: On Monday Night Raw this week, Kurt Angle did indeed reveal that he has an illegitimate child, as Pro Wrestling Sheet had reported. And while the WWE said that Chad Gable is not Kurt Angle’s son, the real answer was that Angle’s son is Jason Jordan.