WWE: Why Was Chris Jericho Gone for Two Months?

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WWE Chris Jericho returns to SmackDown Live.

Chris Jericho returned to the WWE tonight on SmackDown Live. This comes almost three months after Jericho left following a feud with Kevin Owens. So why was Jericho gone for so long? Where has he been for the past few months?

Jericho left for a while because he went on tour with his band, Fozzy. They began a tour on Friday, May 5th, just a few days after the SmackDown Live episode during which Jericho was brutalized by Kevin Owens; it’s because of this tour that he was kayfabe injured by Owens that night. Fozzy’s tour lasted up until June 24th.

Although Jericho’s tour wrapped up a few weeks ago, it wasn’t known whether he would be back in the WWE anytime soon. After all, the last time Jericho took an extended period of time off, he was gone for a full year, so fans had worried that Jericho might not even be back on WWE television in 2017. Luckily, he came back sooner than expected, showing up on the July 25th episode of SmackDown Live and demanding a match for the United States Championship.

It’s not known whether Chris Jericho is back for a while now or whether this was a one time appearance. Even if it wasn’t a one time thing, though, fans should probably expect Y2J to take some time off this fall. After all, according to Fozzy’s website, the band will go back on tour from October 27th through November 18th. That means Jericho would have to miss at least three episodes of SmackDown Live. This fall’s SmackDown Live pay-per-view schedule has not yet been revealed, so it’s unclear whether Jericho will need to miss a blue brand pay-per-view. He may have to miss Survivor Series, though, as that pay-per-view is held the day after his final Fozzy show, so he couldn’t be present for any of the buildup to the show.

Over the past two months, Jericho has remained active on social media, and he has continued to release episodes of his podcast, Talk is Jericho.

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