Top 10 Best MLB Players Weekend Nicknames

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Getty Aaron Judge will wear "All Rise."

Baseball is often perceived as not being as fun as it should be, but Major League Baseball is hoping to change that reputation with Players Weekend. In all games from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27, players will be wearing nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of their real last names. The MLB unveiled the names players will be wearing today, just in time to make sure fans can order their jerseys to wear to the games.

According to the MLB website, players will also be able to wear custom spikes, batting globes, wristbands, compression sleeves and catcher’s masks. They can also use unique bats. They will also wear special New Era hads and Stance socks. You can already buy all these special products from

There’s also going to be a special patch replacing the traditional MLB logo that shows the “evolution” of a player from Little League to the Majors. Every team will be getting in on the fun, even the no-beards Yankees.

While many players, like the Boston Red Sox’ Mookie “Mookie” Betts and the Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose “Joey Bats” Bautista will be wearing their familiar nicknames, others will be wearing ones they just came up with.

Here’s a look at the 10 best and funniest nicnkames you’ll see during Players Weekend.

1. Davehuman

David Freese nickname, Davehuman, Players Weekend jerseys

David Freese’s Players Weekend jersey.

In case you forgot what species David Freese of the Pittsburgh Pirates is, he’s chosen “Davehuman” as his nickname. According to Pirates fans, the nickname is an in-joke. He has a dog named “Bob.” So his friends would joke “Dave Human, Bob Dog.”

2. TTT

Nick Markakis nickname, TTT, Players Weekend Jerseys Nick Markakis went with “TTT” for some reason.

Nick Markakis of the Atlanta Braves doesn’t have a “t” in his name anywhere, but his nickname is “TTT.” In 2009, he was included on a Topps card numbered #TTT11. This was a reference to his sons, Taylor, Tobi and Tucker.

3. DAD

A.J. Ellis nickname, Players weekend jerseys, Players Weekend nicknames

MLBShop.comA.J. Ellis just went with “Dad.”

The Miami Marlins’ A.J. Ellis wants the world to know he’s a “DAD.” In 2012, his wife Cindy gave birth to their third child in the front seat of their car while he was driving on a Wisconsin highway.

4. Bat Boy

Zach Davies Bat Boy, Zach Davies nickname

MLBShop.comZach Davies is trading places with the bat boy.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Zach Davies is really embracing the “kid at heart” theme. He’s been called a “bat boy” by fans because he looks really young. He’s only 24 years old.

5. Bringer of Rain

Josh Donaldson Bringer of Rain, Players Weekend jerseys, Players Weekend

MLBShop.comJosh Donaldson will be the “Bringer of Rain” for a weekend.

Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays is the “Bringer of Rain.” This is a reference to his Twitter handle, “@bringerofrain20.” On August 16, the Blue Jays will be giving away “Bringer of Rain” umbrellas. It’s a bit ironic since he plays for a team that plays in a stadium with a retractable roof.

6. Dude

Lucas Duda nickname, Players Weekend jersey, Best Players weekend jerseys

Duda turns to Dude.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ Lucas Duda just changed one letter and became “Dude.” He’s like Dean Martin in Rio Bravo, except he plays baseball.

7. Beef

Welington Castilo beef, Welington Castilo nickname, Players Weekend jersey

Weilngton Castilo is Beef.

“Where’s the Beef?” “Behind the plate for the Baltimore Orioles.” Welington Castillo earned the nickname after he finally ate beef wellington in 2015.

8. Don’t You Know

Robinson Cano nickname, Players Weekend jerseys, Players weekend nickname

MLBShop.comRobinson Cano… Don’t you know!

Now this is a cool one. The Seattle Mariners’ Robinson Cano went with “Don’t You Know.” Don’t you know Robinson Cano? This nickname goes back to his days with the Yankees and was even on T-shirts.

9. Ground Chuck

Charlie Morton Ground Chuck, MLB players weekend, players weekend jersey

Charlie Morton is “Ground Chuck.”

There are plenty of food-related nicknames, but Charlie Morton’s “Ground Chuck” is hilarious. When Morton was with the Pirates, manager Clint Hurdle was heard referring to him as “Ground Chuck.”

10. Hubba Hubba

Nick Vincent nickname, MLB Players Weekend, Players Weekend jerseys“Hubba Hubba… here comes Nick Vincent.”

Seattle Mariners pitcher Nick Vincent went with “Hubba Hubba” on the back of his jersey.

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