Gene Jones, Jerry’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Jerry and Gene Jones at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

While Jerry Jones entire family is part of the Dallas Cowboys business, his wife, Gene Jones, tends to avoid the spotlight. Just like their three children, Gene stays involved with the business, but stays away from the football side of things. She was instrumental in bringing in a number of the world-class art pieces that are displayed at AT&T Stadium.

Gene did take a moment to step into the spotlight by introducing her husband into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Many expected Jerry to choose one of his children for the introduction, but Jerry explained why his wife was given the honor.

“Gene is the backbone of our family,” Jerry noted in the press release announcement. “Her influence guides and inspires all of us. She is my closest advisor, my best friend, and it is only fitting that she present me.”

The couple has had their hardships which took place in front of the public eye, but remain together.

Get to know the woman next to the most well-known owner in sports.

1. Jerry & Gene Met on a Blind Date

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Jerry and Gene Jones with their daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson and grandchildren.

The couple both met while attending the University of Arkansas. They met on a blind date and later met friends at the state fair. Jerry had difficulty winning Gene a prize at the fair like some of the other guys were able to do for their dates. He recounted the night to the The Dallas Morning News.

“I tried and tried [to win a prize], but couldn’t,” Jerry told The Dallas Morning News. “So I went behind and bought her one.”

2. Gene Won the 1960 Miss Arkansas USA

Gene was born in Danville, Arkansas. She won the 1960 Miss Arkansas USA. Gene and Jerry ended up getting married after their sophomore year at Arkansas. Texas Monthly described their college romance.

His freshman year, Jones met Eugenia “Gene” Chambers, the 1960 Miss Arkansas USA and onetime Arkansas Poultry Princess from Danville. It was a blur of a romance. The gorgeous small-town banker’s daughter fell for the charismatic, moon-eyed son of the grocery-and-insurance empire builder. Dark-haired with riveting eyes and a wide smile, Gene was the most beautiful woman Jones had ever known. They dated, he proposed, she said yes, and they married at the end of their sophomore year.

3. The Couple Has Three Children

The couple has three children who are all involved in the family football business in some capacity. Stephen Jones is the oldest at 53 years old, and holds multiple titles for the Cowboys. He is the Cowboys Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President, Player Personnel Director and President of AT&T Stadium.

Charlotte Jones Anderson is the couple’s only daughter. The 51-year-old is the Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. Jerry Jones Jr. is the youngest at 47, and is the Executive Vice President / Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for the Cowboys.

4. Gene Was Upset at Jerry After He Fired Jimmy Johnson

In addition to meeting his wife at Arkansas, he would meet the man who helped him win two Super Bowls with the Cowboys. Jerry was teammates with Jimmy Johnson on the Arkansas football team. According to Texas Monthly, the two roomed together on road games.

Jerry found himself in controversy after he fired legendary coach Tom Landry to bring his old college buddy to Dallas. Jimmy had built one of the best college football programs at Miami, and left to coach the Cowboys. Years later, the two had a falling out causing Jerry to fire the coach who had just won two Super Bowls.

Not only did the move upset Cowboys fans, it upset his own wife.

“I’ll never forget pillow talk,” Jones told The Dallas Morning News. “Came home, [Gene] didn’t even look at me. ‘You just can’t, you just can’t leave it alone, can you? Just when it gets really comfortable, you’ve got to shake it up. How in the world is Jimmy not our coach? You just can’t leave it alone.’ So, she’s had some days.”

5. Gene Helped Bring a World-Class Art Collection to AT&T Stadium

While many fans are awed by the size of the stadium and the giant video screen, AT&T Stadium also features a renowned art collection. Gene played a big role in the sizable collection inside and outside the stadium. According to The Dallas Morning News, the collection has grown from 19 works of art since the stadium opened to nearly 80 pieces on display today.

Gene helped assemble a council that curates the art. She is part of the council and is also joined by her daughter, Charlotte.

“What I love about it, is that each piece offers something different, depending on the person and the experience they’re having, which, when you think about it, is what art is all about anyway,” Gene told The Dallas Morning News.