Watch: Julian Edelman Posts Birthday Video of Tom Brady

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There’s something to be said about the bond of long-time teammates in the NFL, and specifically, New England Patriots teammates Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. These two have now been playing together since Edelman was drafted by the team in 2009, and obviously, have formed a pretty strong bond both on and off the field.

The on-field connection is pretty obvious, as Edelman has seen over 135 targets in the last three seasons in which he’s played at least 14 games. But now, the already-apparent love the wideout has for his quarterback is on full display.

On Thursday, which happens to be Brady’s 40th birthday, Edelman took to Twitter to post the perfect video montage of the veteran quarterback, which of course, featured some photos of the two together.

It starts off with Brady as a kid and works its way through the years of him playing at Michigan, looking like a completely different person at the draft combine and then wearing those Patriots colors and celebrating some Super Bowl victories. Of course, Edelman made sure to poke some fun at his friend with a few photos of him doing some of his infamous modeling as well.

The best part may be the song selection that Edelman had, which seemingly points to their love for each other, and just rounds out the video perfectly. Brady and Edelman have had a lot of success on the field, combining to win two Super Bowls together. And as the NFL world knows, Brady doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so this dynamic duo may not be done anytime soon.

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