When Will Paige Return to WWE?

Getty Paige arrives for WWE RAW at 02 Brooklyn Bowl on April 18, 2016 in London, England.

WWE superstar Paige is looking to return to the ring sooner rather than later. So when could fans expect to see Saraya-Jade Bevis back on television?

Paige, who has been away due to a neck injury, recently said on Sirius XM’s Busted Open that she received a CT scan and the result was “encouraging.” She was not sure when she might make it back, though.

“Hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later, but I don’t know at this point,” she said.

Paige needs to be cleared by WWE’s medical staff before any in-ring return can happen, and according to Pro Wrestling Sheet’s James McKenna, she does not have an evaluation scheduled until the end of August. For the next few weeks, then, fans should not get their hopes up expecting Paige to return in time for a SummerSlam feud.

During last night’s Monday Night Raw, there was a lot of speculation that Paige was going to make a surprise return during one of the women’s division triple threat matches. After all, Paige had just received her CT scan, and she posted an image on Twitter indicating that she was excited right as Raw was starting. Then, at one point Paige’s logo reportedly appeared on the TitanTron for a brief second. The night Jason Jordan was revealed as Kurt Angle’s son, the American Alpha logo flashed on the TitanTron for a moment too, and so all of this led fans to conclude that August 7th was the night of Paige’s return. It did not end up happening, though, as she still needs a medical evaluation.

Paige has not been seen on WWE television since June 2016. She left due to a neck injury, and she received surgery on her neck in October 2016. Even if her neck hadn’t been injured, though, Paige would have been away for a while, as she was suspended twice in a row for violations of the company’s wellness policy. Paige asserted that she was taking a prescription medication due to her neck injury, but WWE said she tested positive for an illegal substance.

Paige was also the victim of a photo leak earlier this year, with dozens of her private, explicit photos and videos being posted online without her permission. In one of these videos, she is seen using the NXT Women’s Championship in a sex act, and this involvement of the WWE brand caused some to speculate that the company would not allow her to return. WWE did not end up taking any disciplinary action, though.

Whenever Paige returns, it will likely happen on the Raw brand, as she was drafted there in the July 2016 brand extension. The timing is fairly perfect, as news of Paige’s potential return comes immediately after Bayley was sidelined due to an injury.