WWE SummerSlam 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

In the past few years, Brooklyn has been extremely lucky when it comes to hosting SummerSlam.

Since 2015, WWE has stuck to tradition by featuring “The Biggest Party of the Summer” in the Barclays Center. It’s also making its way back there for 2018, but what we’re going to speak on right now is the stacked card for 2017. Raw’s main event is akin to a war featuring a gang of Godzilla clones. The Universal Championship will be up for grabs as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe butt heads in a Fatal 4-Way match. SmackDown Live’s marquee match will pit WWE Champion Jinder Mahal against the man who recently defeated John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura. Both brands will also put on a ton of other big time matches and championship encounters.

Stay right here as we break down all the happenings that took place during WWE SummerSlam 2017.

Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (c) (with Titus O’Neil) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: And the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville!

Highlights: Both men sized each other up before locking up. Neville got the better of the champ during their initial exchange. Neville looked to throw Tozawa out of the ring, but Tozawa countered the former champ by throwing him onto the ring apron and dropkicking him right off. Neville took a breather outside before re-entering the ring, but he walked right into a nasty Bicycle Kick. Tozawa made sure to land his Jumping Senton on Neville in the middle of the ring for extra measure. Tozawa looked to go flying through the middle ropes right into his challenger, but Neville stopped his attempt and threw him back first right into the ringside LED board.

Once both men took their match back into the ring, Neville took Tozawa down with two Missile Dropkicks. Neville transitioned into his usual methodical approach as he kept working over a weakened Tozawa. Neville locked Tozawa in a submission hold for a little while until Tozawa shook him off, threw him to the outside and went flying through the ropes for a Suicide Dive into his foe. Back in the ring, Tozawa went on a signature move spree on Neville but was unable to land his top rope Senton Splash. Tozawa kept his hot streak going later on when he locked in an Octopus Stretch on Neville. Neville escaped, but was met with a sick Shining Wizard as soon as he looked up to see Tozawa. Tozawa climbed to the top rope, but his attack missed. Both men soon began cracking each other with a bunch of impressive strikes while the crowd applauded in approval.

When Neville got back to his feet, he began focusing his offense on Tozawa’s injured shoulder. It worked for a bit until Tozawa flattened Neville with a straight right jab. Afterwards, both men began brawling on the top rope to gain an advantage. Tozawa smashed Neville with gut punches and dropped him back to the mat. His Senton Splash attempt was unsuccessful as Neville got his knees up to dig into Tozawa’s back. Neville then regained his title with a beautiful Red Arrow.

The New Day (Big E and/or Xavier Woods and/or Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winners: And the NEW WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

Highlights: The New Day arrived on the scene with some new duds (from a comic book fan standpoint, they looked like much happier Red Lanterns). They made sure to give the live crowd some love and remind them of their history together. After all the jaw jacking came to a close, Woods and Big E made the decision to enter the match. Woods and Jimmy got into a rough and tumble skirmish to get this title rematch underway. Both men went through and around each other until Woods knocked Jimmy to the mat with a Spinning Elbow strike. Woods stayed on top of Jimmy with repeated chops and plenty of more strikes in the corner. Jimmy ended up chopping Woods away for a quick second, but Woods shook it off and got right back to controlling him. Woods looked to land a top rope maneuver, but Jey distracted him long enough for Jimmy to counter Woods in mid-air with a slick strike.

Jey then got into the match and relentlessly beat down Woods. Jey pulled Woods to the top rope, but Woods shoved him to the mat and managed to dodge a sneak attack from Jimmy. Woods came off the top rope with a sick Missile Dropkick and then looked to tag in Big E. Woods’ attempt failed thanks to Jimmy tripping Big E and forcing him off the ring apron. Jey used a Death Valley Driver on Woods into the ring post and soon after began beating him down on the outside. Both Usos then did their best to further incapacitate Woods. Woods finally saved himself when he countered a back suplex from Jimmy and then got the hot tag to a very fresh Big E. Big E began steamrolling both Usos and even used Woods to pull off a new tag team maneuver (Woods shocked the crowd with his strength by returning the favor to Big E).

Big E finally got dropped when The Usos used a double Spinebuster to ground him. Woods used a blind tag to get back into the ring and throw Jimmy into a nasty Uranage/Backstabber combination. Jimmy still managed to stay alive after that revolutionary maneuver. Woods and Jimmy then began tearing into each other with repeated strikes, which eventually led into some outside mayhem. Big E looked to jump through the middle ropes, but his face was met with a Superkick. Back inside the ring, Big E ate a top rope splash across his back while Woods got flattened by one inside the ring. Woods survived the maneuver and locked in tight submission hold on Jey, but he was still unable to get the submission victory. More mayhem ensued before Jey almost got taken out by Big E and Woods’ finisher. Jimmy hopped into the ring just in time to save his twin brother. Woods got rid of Jimmy with several punches, but Jey sent him outside right into a Samoan Drop from Jey. Kofi checked on Woods, but he then got stuffed into the steel steps by Jey. Big E then speared Jey while he was stuck on the ring apron. Big E almost got the better of both twins, but he was KO’d by dual Superkicks and Superfly Splashes.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) and Jason Jordan vs. The Miz and The Miztourage (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) (with Maryse) (6-Man Tag Team Match)

WWE Summerslam


Winners: The Miz and The Miztourage!

Highlights: Matt and Axel got this Kickoff bout underway with a back and forth lockup exchange. Matt got ahold of Axel, tagged in Jeff and helped land a Poetry in Motion on the leather jeans wearing member of Miz’s squad. Jordan then got to hop into the action via a tag-in from Jeff. Axel managed to get away long enough to tag in Bo, who had Jordan under control until he got blasted with a dropkick from Angle’s “son.” Matt then got back into the bout for some offense, which led into Jeff tagging in and then tagging Jordan in to do some triple team offense on Bo. Chops were handed out to Miz and his stablemates while Jordan looked on. Jeff almost ended the match with a quick Swanton Bomb on Bo, but his boys pulled him to the outside just in the nick of time to stop that from happening.

Once Bo got back into the ring, he was met by a few signature moves from Jeff. Jeff looked to land a big move from the top rope, but Axel clipped his feet and made him land groin first on the ring pad. The Miz then entered the match and began assaulting Jeff. Jeff tried hard to tag out, but Axel jumped into the ruckus and stopped his attempt with an elbow drop. Axel then did his best to remain in control over Jeff. Later on, Jeff managed to kick Axel’s men off the ring apron and land a swift kick right into Axel’s gut. Matt then got the hot tag and went on a rampage against The Miztourage. Matt looked good for a while until The Miz planted him with a DDT. Miz followed that up by landing multiple chest kicks to Matt, but he missed his final strike and ate a Side Effect for his mistake. Jordan then got the hot tag and went suplex crazy on Axel and Bo. Things got a bit unruly as everyone began dropping each other with their signature maneuvers. Jordan looked to be on the verge of finishing Axel until Miz got the blind tag on him. The Miz then proceeded to finish Jordan with his Skull Crushing Finale.

Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Winners: And the NEW WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins!

Highlights: Ambrose was ready for that action as soon as he locked eyes (and arms with Cesaro). After their exchange, Sheamus got tagged in to get into a tussle with Ambrose. Ambrose got Sheamus down to the mat long enough for Rollins to land a knee drop on him. Rollins and Ambrose looked like a well-oiled machine on their opponents with some nice tag team work during the early moments of this bout. Sheamus and Cesaro took a break on the outside, but they forced Ambrose to follow them and walk right into a Brogue Kick. Rollins flew through the ropes right into the championship duo’s arms and was slammed into the canvas. Back in the ring, Sheamus and Cesaro began working over the weakened Rollins. Rollins got trapped in the corner of the champs at one point, but he escaped their corner after landing a Blockbuster on Cesaro. He crawled over to his corner to tag in Ambrose, but Ambrose remained laid out on the outside. Rollins ended up getting the brunt of more Sheamus/Cesaro offense. A funny moment even occurred when Cesaro ran into the crowd to retrieve a beach ball that was distracting the crowd. He chose to rip it to shreds, then go right back to helping his partner destroy Rollins.

Ambrose eventually crawled back up to his ring corner to cheer on Rollins. Rollins did his best to get out of Cesaro’s chinlock. Rollins escaped and almost got the hot tag to Ambrose, but his opposers cut him off. Ambrose took matters into his own hands when he assisted Rollins on the outside by throwing himself onto the champs. When Rollins returned to the ring, he finally tagged in Ambrose. Ambrose began cleaning house on both Sheamus and Cesaro during his comeback run. Ambrose and Rollins gelled well together all the while when they landed dual Suicide Dives and then a double team Slingblade. Their offense got cut off when Rollins got pulled to the outside by Sheamus and when Ambrose ate several uppercuts from Cesaro. Ambrose came right back at Cesaro with his Rebound Clothesline. Cesaro pulled himself up and tagged in Sheamus, who began beating down both Ambrose and Rollins. But he ended up almost losing the match after catching a Superplex followed by a Frog Splash. Cesaro ended up saving him at the very last second.

Ambrose and Rollins decided to turn into rabid dogs as they struck Sheamus down in the corner. They looked to land their Shield Powerbomb afterwards, but Cesaro interrupted that attempt. Sheamus rolled up Ambrose, but was unable to pin him for the win. Cesaro got tagged in and got into a counter war with Ambrose that ended with Cesaro using a light Big Swing to transition into a Sharpshooter. While Cesaro kept Ambrose’s legs locked in to position, Sheamus grounded Rollins on the outside. Ambrose found himself locked into a Crossface submission that he eventually escaped, but he got taken down shortly thereafter with another tag team maneuver. Ambrose almost ate the losing pin for his team after a double team Razor’s Edge Powerbomb, but Rollins saved his partner at the very last moment. Madness ensued when Rollins used a top rope Frankensteiner to fling Cesaro into Sheamus. Rollins then went Superkick crazy. Afterwards, Sheamus turned right around into a match ending Dirty Deeds.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: John Cena!

Highlights: Cena taunted Corbin as the big man tried to get his hands on him. Corbin grew more and more agitated with Cena’s playful nature, but it caused him to walk right into a headlock from Cena. Corbin soon shook him off and began stuffing Cena with numerous punches and kicks. Cena managed to push Corbin to the outside at one point, but Corbin sped right back in with a lariat for his foe. Corbin got extremely cocky as he kept controlling Cena, which almost led to him losing his grip on him. Cena tried landing a body splash on Corbin, but Corbin caught him and immediately dropped him into the mat. Afterwards, Corbin used a chinlock to continue slowing down Cena. Cena used a dropkick to get some momentum going his way, but it did nothing but piss off Corbin even more and cause him to strike Cena once more. When the crowd’s insult finally got to Corbin, it caused Corbin to walk right into Cena’s signature comeback offense. Corbin slipped away from a 5-Knuckle Shuffle though and planted Cena with an impressive Chokeslam.

Soon, both men got into a battle on the top turnbuckle. Cena shoved him away, came flying off to land a Tornado DDT and finally landed his 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Corbin looked to be down for the count until he powered Cena down with his Deep Six slam. Corbin’s intensity got even higher as he roughed up Cena in the corner. Cena saved himself later on when he clotheslined Corbin and followed that up with a match ending Attitude Adjustment.

“The Demon” Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: Finn Bálor!

Highlights: Finn’s entrance played all sorts of mind games with Bray as he mimicked Bray’s favorite tune. When he finally made his entrance, it was made abundantly clear that “The Demon” has returned. When the lights went back on, Bray seemed quite shaken by Finn’s dark alter-ego. Bray exited the ring to size up his opponent and took a breather but when he returned to the ring, he was met by continued kicks to the leg. Finn struck Bray to the outside and followed him with an elbow strike in tow. A bit more action transpired back in the ring before Bray found himself on the outside and flattened with a Somersault Plancha. It looked like Finn would remain in control over Bray until Bray used a suplex on Finn while his legs were locked onto the ropes. When the match got back into the ring, Bray took his time dismantling “The Demon.”

At one point, Finn looked to be the verge of taking a Sister Abigail. But he escaped the hold and proceeded to use a double foot stomp and a Pele on his larger foe. Finn then went into comeback mode as he used a Baseball Slide and swift kick to Bray on the outside. Finn kept his offense strong as he used another double foot stomp, this time to the back of Bray’s neck. Finn tried to land his finisher on Bray inside the ring, but Bray caught him and looked to land his Sister Abigail. Finn escaped it and then landed his Slingblade on Bray, but Bray quickly recovered and responded with a big boot and a Uranage Slam. Bray continued torturing Finn when he used his Running Senton on a grounded “Demon King.” Bray climbed to the top rope to land another big maneuver, but Finn kicked him off and slammed him in the middle of the ring with a Eye of the Hurricane-like maneuver. Bray left the ring to rest near the barricade, but he turned around and was caught off guard with a running dropkick. Once back in the ring, Finn ran full speed ahead at Bray but was taken down by a lariat. Bray sought this opportunity to enter his spider crawl stance, but Finn responded with a frightening kip up and stare. Finn then capped off his win with a Coup de Grâce.

Big Cass vs. Big Show (Enzo Amore Will be Suspended Above the Ring in a Shark Cage)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: Big Cass!

Highlights: Enzo, who came decked out in some appropriate NYC gear, dropped some verbal gems on the Barclays Center crowd. Before he could finish his opening promo, Cass interrupted his former tag team partner. Enzo got lifted up high within the confines of his shark cage, but he remained confident as Show began chopping down Cass. At one point, Show slammed Cass to the mat with a Side Slam. But Show’s injured hand ended up hitting the mat at the same time. Show tried ignoring the pain, but he magnified it when he missed a top rope splash. Cass began making a comeback, but Show quickly recovered and landed his WMD punch. Cass survived that finishing maneuver though and went into attack mode on Show’s wrapped up hand. While Enzo tried hyping up his representative, Cass kept breaking down Show’s injured hand.

Cass held onto Show’s hand as he continued to bend it out of shape, but Show eventually kicked into his comeback mode. Show even used his injured hand to land a Chokeslam on Cass, but he was unable to capitalize on it. Cass found himself brawling with Show on the ring apron, which led right into Cass slamming Show’s hand into the corner ring post. In the shark cage, Enzo shocked the crowd as he put on oil and relinquished some his clothing in an attempt to exit the cage. Enzo ended up slithering out of the cage and jumped back down to the mat. But his escape just made him a target for a big boot from Cass. Cass then used another big boot to take down Show, but it wasn’t enough to finish him. Cass was then forced to use another big boot and his big Empire Elbow to get the triumphant victory.

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: Randy Orton!

Highlights: Right in the middle of Orton’s entrance, Rusev ran into the ring and went into a rampage all over Orton. Orton found himself getting torn to shreds even before the bell officially rang. Rusev angrily paced around the ring as he waited for Orton to get to his feet. When he finally did, Rusev tried running him down in the corner. Rusev’s mistake cost him dearly though as Orton dodged him and fed him an RKO out of nowhere.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens (WWE United States Championship Match with Shane McMahon as the Special Guest Referee)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: And STILL the WWE United States Champion, AJ Styles!

Highlights: Once Styles and Owens got face to face, a brawl ensued. Shane was forced to grab ahold of Owens and proceed to properly start this title rematch. When that finally happened, Owens and AJ got into another striking war on the outside. Once they climbed back into the ring, Styles shook off all the damage done to him and and used a “phenomenal” dropkick to take down Owens. Styles stayed on top of Owens by using a Pendulum Backbreaker followed up by a knee drop. Styles lost his momentum after catching a nasty lariat from Owens after having his throat attacked. Owens continued his assault on the US champ by crushing Styles in the corner with his Cannonball Splash. Owens ignored Shane’s verbal attempts to get control while he continued beating down Styles. Styles got locked into a chinlock submission hold and almost escaped, but Owens landed a big Edge-o-Matic on Styles to weaken his neck.

As the match wore on, Styles and Owens found themselves clubbing each other in the middle of the ring. Styles won that exchange and used a faceplant-like slam to take out Owens. Styles tried to follow that up with a Styles Clash, but Owens flipped Styles over his head to dodge it. Styles then hopped onto the ropes and went for his Phenomenal DDT, bug after landing on his feet he ate a Superkick. Owens then tried to finish Styles with his Pop Up Powerbomb, but Styles hopped over him and countered the challenger with another big move. Later on, Styles and Owens found themselves fighting in the corner. Shane inadvertently tripped Styles and cause him to fall onto the ropes. While Styles tried to recover, Owens climbed to the top rope and tried finishing him. Owens found himself on the mat while Shane checked on his condition. Styles then landed a Springboard 450 Splash, but ended up landing on Shane in the process. While Shane began to stir, Owens planted Styles with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Shane took his time as he counted the following pin. Owens was beyond pissed off with Shane, but this game Styles enough time to recover.

Afterwards, Styles ended up hitting Shane by mistake again. Shane went flying to the outside while Styles had Owens on the verge of tapping out to his Calf Crusher. Styles then began having issues with Shane as well, but they came to a close when Styles and Owens turned their focus back on each other. Owens got the better of Styles by landing his top rope Fisherman Buster, but it still didn’t finish the champ. Later on, Owens and Styles blasted each other with repeated elbow strikes. Styles looked to land a Pele, but Owens dodged it and Superkicked Styles once more. More slick exchanges followed that up and led into Owens landing another Pop Up Powerbomb on Styles. Shane made the 3-count, but realized his error when he saw Styles’ foot on the bottom rope. Owens though he’d won and when he realized he didn’t, him and Shane got into a shoving match. Owens soon met his downfall when he got finished by a Phenomenal Elbow and a Styles Clash.

Jinder Mahal (c) (with Sunil Singh and Samir Singh) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship)

WWE SummerSlam


Winner: And STILL the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal!

Highlights: At first, Nakamura’s quickness was just too much for Mahal to handle. “The Artist” used his quick kicks and agility to confuse the champ. But soon enough, Mahal powered down Nakamura. When the ref forced both men to break up, Nakamura taunted Mahal and caused him to fling himself to the outside. A very displeased Mahal hopped up onto the ring apron and got knocked down again by Nakamura’s stiff strikes. Mahal watched from the outside as Nakamura gloated about his work thus far inside the ring. Mahal ran back in and actually took Nakamura off his feet for a bit, but Nakamura got right back up in time to catch the champ off guard. A big fight started on the outside that Nakamura seemed to be winning. Mahal got thrown back into the ring and was almost followed by Nakamura, but The Sing Brother stuck their heads into the match and distracted Nakamura. Mahal then took this momentary distraction to begin beating down his challenger.

The tide turned over to Mahal back inside the ring as he started to get the best of Nakamura. Mahal’s control lasted a good while until Nakamura clocked the champ with a swift kick. Nakamura then revived himself and landed some sick chest kicks on Mahal. Nakamura’s comeback offense seemed to be working on the champ as he landed more strikes and even locked in a submission with his legs around Mahal’s neck. Mahal then got slammed to the mat with a sitting Gordbuster, but his follow up failed. Mahal dropped Nakamura’s gut onto the ring ropes and then cleaned his clock with a jumping knee strike. Mahal looked to land his finisher, but Nakamura struck him off and dodged him when he went to shoulder charge him. Nakamura looked to land his finisher, but The Singh Brothers ran into the ring again to throw him off his game. This actually worked to Mahal’s advantage as Nakamura met his end after catching a Khallas.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: And the NEW WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks!

Highlights: Once both women got their hands on each other, Banks went into a rage with continued strikes. Bliss cowered in the corner in defense mode, but she ended up clocking Banks with a loud elbow strike. Bliss began taking out her frustrations out on Banks with repeated strikes and even a graceful flying body splash from the top rope. Banks did her best to do some damage to Bliss with a stiff kick to the face, but Bliss cut her off soon after. Bliss got even more brutal in her attempt to take out the challenger. She choked Banks on the top rope, threw her off and then came down hard on her with a pair of knee maneuvers. Banks looked to be on the verge of a comeback several times, but Bliss cut her off at every point. Bliss tried to choke Banks on the top rope once again, but this time Banks shoved her to the mat. While Bliss remained in a sitting position on the mat, Banks clocked her with a running knee.

Banks finally recovered enough just in time to get her signature moves in on the champ. But in the middle of her comeback, Banks found herself slammed into Bliss’ knee. Bliss tried to follow that up with another devastating maneuver, but Banks ended up flipping Bliss’ head into the corner ring padding. Banks used a double knee strike and a single knee strike to stuff Bliss in the corner. Bliss ended up walking right into a Backstabber and Banks Statement, but she managed to crawl out of the ring. Banks tried jumping off the ring apron onto her, but Bliss pulled the ring skirt out and caused Banks to land groin first onto it. Bliss got Banks back into the ring, but she made sure to cause Banks’ shoulder some discomfort when she threw her to the outside. Banks beat the ref’s count by running back into the ring, but she soon ended up on the end of limb offense and Bliss’ Twisted Bliss. Banks held on and survived until she claimed the title after tapping Bliss out with the Banks Statement.

Naomi (c) vs. Natalya (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: And the NEW WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Natalya!

Highlights: As soon as the bell rang, Natalya paint brushed the champ with nasty slap. Both ladies got super intense during their next exchange, but Naomi got the better of Natalya with return slap and a Blockbuster to her on the outside. Once both women got back into the ring, Naomi tried to stay on top of her foe. But Natalya took her down and then catapulted her face right into the ringside post. Natalya grew more confident as she continued assaulting Naomi’s back region with several suplexes. Naomi tried to defeat Natalya with a school boy pin, but all she was met with was an escape and a clothesline. Natalya then went right back to dishing out more damage to Naomi. Naomi found herself locked into an Abdominal Stretch for a while. She jumped out at one point to escape, but she was met with another clothesline when she turned back around.

Soon after, both women began battling it out on the top rope. Naomi bought herself a reprieve when she used a Russian Leg Sweep like maneuver on Natalya from the top rope. Naomi gained her second wind with plenty of signature maneuvers that finally got the best of Natalya. Naomi bellowed out “GLOW TIME!” as she began landing repeated kicks to her rival. Natalya blocked on of her strikes though and then dropped her with a running dropkick. When Natalya looked to land a Bulldog to Naomi, Naomi trapped her between the ropes and came down hard on her with a Springboard Leg Drop. Afterwards, Naomi almost locked Natalya into her finishing submission hold but Natalya ended up locking in her Sharpshooter. Naomi wriggled in pain until she flipped over and caused Natalya to slam her head into the turnbuckle padding. Naomi went to land her Split Legged Moonsault, but Natalya’s knees met Naomi’s gut. Natalya then locked in her Sharpshooter once more to finally make Naomi tap out.

Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman (Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Universal Championship)

WWE Summerslam 2017


Winner: And STILL the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Highlights: Once the bell rang, Joe charged at Lesnar and Strowman did the same to Reigns. Lesnar shook off all the blows dealt to him and landed a Belly to Belly Suplex on Joe, while Reigns shoved Braun into the ring post. Reigns and Lesnar then locked eyes, but Lesnar quickly wiped him out with a German Suplex. Joe then ate another one before Strowman entered the ring. It looked like Lesnar and Strowman were about to square off, but the other two men ran into to start another multi-man brawl. Both giants got rid of their foes and got right back in each other’s faces. Strowman managed to manhandle Lesnar by shoving him away and clotheslining him over the top rope. Reigns came in to take advantage of Strowman, but Reigns got overpowered. Strowman then looked to run right through Reigns, but Reigns dodged him and caused him to slam his shoulder into the ring post. On the outside, Joe locked Lesnar into his Kokina Clutch. Joe was forced to release the hold when Reigns speared Lesnar through the timekeeper’s section.

More madness ensued when Joe planted Reigns onto a table with a Uranage and Strowman shoved Joe over the announce table. Strowman went into beast mode again when he used a Powerslam to drop Lesnar through a table (TWICE!). Joe knocked Reigns out at one point with a Suicide Dive, but him and Reigns found themselves damaged by a flying chair thanks to Strowman. Strowman then did the unthinkable by dumping the last announce table right onto Lesnar’s prone body. The crowd came unglued as Heyman and medical personnel attended to the damaged champ. Lesnar found himself strapped onto a body board and pulled away from the match. Strowman then got back to his feet, picked up some steel steps and used it to further incapacitate Joe and Reigns. Back inside the ring, Reigns recovered and used those same steel steps to injure Strowman. While Reigns had his eyes on Strowman, Joe almost rolled him up for the win. Joe then used his big man offense to ground Reigns.

Joe looked good for a while until he got taken down by a Samoan Slam. Joe almost ended up on the receiving end of a Superman Punch, but Joe dodged it and locked in the Kokina Clutch. Strowman ran back in and broke the hold to Chokeslam both men. All of a sudden, Lesnar walked back out to the ring and ran into to club Strowman. Once Strowman got thrown to the outside, Lesnar went on a suplexing rampage on Joe and Reigns. Strowman re-entered the ring and almost got suplexed too, but he stopped it from happening. Lesnar locked in an armbar on Strowman while Strowman kept him held in the air. Reigns then clocked Strowman with a Superman Punch, fed one to Joe and then landed a Spear on the champion. Lesnar still managed to kick out! Reigns looked to land another Superman Punch, but Joe locked him into his submission hold once gain. Strowman then ran at both men with a dropkick to break the hold. Strowman turned right around and dropped Joe with a Running Powerslam, but Lesnar kept the ref from counting to three. Reigns clocked Lesnar again on the outside and did the same to Strowman on the inside.

Strowman almost caught a Spear, but he got his boot up in time to stop Reigns. Strowman then landed another Powerslam on Reigns, but it still wasn’t enough to get him the win. Lesnar ended up getting Strowman into an F5 position, but Strowman slipped out and went into his Powerslam position. Reigns took this chance to Spear Strowman down with Lesnar still in his grasp. Joe then jumped into the ring to try and choke out Lesnar, but Lesnar managed to escape and F5 him. While Joe was out, Reigns landed several Superman Punches on Lesnar. Reigns signaled for a final Spear, but he ran right into the waiting arms of Lesnar for a final F5.

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