WATCH: Addison Russell Buys ‘Nacho Man’ New Nachos After Spill

One St. Louis Cardinals fan’s unfortunate blunder turned into arguably the best night of his life.

In a game against the Chicago Cubs on Monday, an unsuspecting Cardinals fan turned into a celebrity in seconds. Dubbed “Nacho Man,” the bearded Cardinals fan was doing what just about any baseball fan would do while watching a game. With a prime seat to take in the night game and a huge plate of nachos in his hands, his night turned into a disaster.

As Addison Russell neared the stands on a pop-fly foul ball to left field, “Nacho Man” stood out of his seat to get away from the play, making sure to clutch his nachos in one hand while doing so. Suddenly, a sprinting Russell leaps into the stands after the ball. “Nacho Man” and the fans around him didn’t appear to be hurt following the ordeal. But the same couldn’t be said for the plate of stadium nachos, which took a brunt of the damage and tumbled to the ground after Russell’s leg hit them.

The man appeared to be in disbelief as to what just took place. But his dismayed reaction was healed innings later. The Cardinals treated the fan with new nachos and beers, but that wasn’t it.

As Russell ran out of the dugout between innings, he carried a plate of fresh nachos, courtesy of the Cubs. Russell presented “Nacho Man” with his gift and shook his hand while An elated “Nacho Man” made sure to document the situation with his newfound hero.

Could this be the first step toward building a bridge in the rivalry that is the Cubs-Cardinals? Only time will tell. In the meantime, watch the series of events that created “Nacho Man” below:

But the greatness that is “Nacho Man” didn’t end there, not even close. He nabbed a foul ball and brought fans to their feet by paying it forward and throwing the ball to a kid.

Afterward, fans at Busch Stadium were seen asking “Nacho Man” for autographs and pictures, and he gave out a number of interviews.

“Nacho Man” became an social media star and was trending nation wide on Twitter after the game.

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