Rafael Nadal’s Twitter Gets Hacked

Rafael Nadal hacked


Tennis pro Rafael Nadal was hacked on Twitter. On Wednesday morning, he took to social media to let his fans know that someone had accessed his account and that he has already rectified the situation.

The translation reads, “I just realized that third parties have entered into my profile making unacceptable use. I have already recovered it. I regret what happened.”

The messages and/or retweets sent out by the hacker have been deleted, but some fans of Nadal have posted about what they saw on his account. Most have said that there was only one retweet that was out of place. The hacker retweeted a message about “Ruffian.”

“A RT on ruffian, was the only thing,” said one Twitter user.

“The RT on ruffian was very strange,” added another.

“We suspected a problem, your have more class than that,” added a third.

At this time, there is no trace of what Nadal may have retweeted. Fans have been sending their love and support to Nadal, many letting him know that they don’t blame him and that they knew better than to believe he’d tweet or retweet whatever it was that was sent out from his account.

Over the years, celebrities have fallen victim to hackers and have had some of their most personal information — including private photos — shared with the world.

Nadal is currently at the top of his game, having one of the best seasons of his career. On September 10, he won the U.S. Open, earning his 16th Grand Slam title.

“He is playing some of the greatest tennis of his career, which is saying a lot. He spoke after the match about his undiminished desire to keep improving, and, in truth, at the age of thirty-one, there are aspects of his game that are better than ever,” reported The New Yorker.

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