The Mooch Says That Gisele’s Jealousy Kept Tom Brady From Visiting the White House

Tom Brady Gisele

Getty Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in 2014

When the New England Patriots visited the White House earlier this year one of the big story lines leading up to the visit was if Tom Brady would be there. Brady had previously passed on a White House visit after the Patriots won Super 49, citing scheduling conflicts. This time though, given the history the quarterback has with President Trump, combined with Brady’s hesitancy to talk too much about the president and their relationship, as well as multiple Patriots’ players publicly declining the White House invite led to quite a bit of speculation regarding Brady’s decision.

In the end Brady skipped the White House visit. The MVP of Super Bowl 51 was said to be visiting his mother, who had been sick for some time. Case closed, right?

Not quite.

Anthony Scaramucci: Gisele Blocked Tom Brady from White House, Jealously Over Ivanka? | TMZ LiveAnthony Scaramucci believes it was Gisele who stopped Tom Brady from joining the Patriots on their Super Bowl trip to Donald Trump's White House … strongly insinuating the supermodel didn't want Tom around Ivanka Trump. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ Live: Subscribe to the TMZLive YouTube channel for new clips Monday-Friday at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm (PST).…2017-09-18T23:59:57.000Z

Thanks to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, the story has been given some new life. While guest hosting “TMZ Live” on Monday, The Mooch was discussing the current status of the relationship between the President and Brady and suggested that the real reason Brady bailed on the White House visit was because he was pressured to do so by his wife, Gisele.

Okay, this could make sense. Gisele has been a vocal opponent of the President, especially when it comes to his stance on immigration. It would then make sense that she may have had something to do with her husband’s absence because of that.

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady Super Bowl LI, Gisele Super Bowl

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have been together since 2006

Of course that may make too much sense, especially when it comes to The Mooch, who instead offered up a different reason for Gisele’s insistence.

“There could be a little bit of jealousy there and protection and possession of Tom Brady, and she probably didn’t want him to go.”

“Maybe there was a relationship between him and Ivanka (Trump) at some point. I have no idea. I don’t know the real reason. I don’t know the reason.”

A relationship between Tom Brady and Ivanka? This is the first I’m hearing about this, The Mooch. Surely you can back this claim up, right?

VideoVideo related to the mooch says that gisele’s jealousy kept tom brady from visiting the white house2017-09-19T10:33:02-04:00

Never mind, then.

For what it’s worth, there’s not much for actual concrete evidence that Brady and the First Daughter ever dated. Given the parties involved, you’d have to think that if they had, this is something the world would have known about.

I think we’ll stick with Brady’s side of the story for now.

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