Tony Romo Broadcast: Former Cowboys QB Wows Fans During Patriots-Saints Game

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Tony Romo has impressed fans in his broadcast debut.

Tony Romo’s transition to the broadcast booth has been as seamless as the way Romo used to evade defenders in the pocket. In just two broadcasts, Romo has wowed fans with his ability to call out plays before they happen.

Romo joined Jim Nance in the booth as the duo will broadcast the marquee CBS NFL matchup each week. This week, the two were in New Orleans for the Patriots-Saints game.

As the above video shows, Romo predicts the Saints touchdown before it happens.

“A fade inside to 16,” Romo calls out on the broadcast. Romo’s call was spot-on as Brandon Coleman scored the touchdown.

In the second half, Tom Brady threw a bad interception. Romo mentioned on the broadcast that Brady had to think there was 12 men on the field. Seconds later, the camera pivots to Brady holding up the number 12 to the officials. Romo the prophet strikes again.

As Awful Announcing notes, Romo did the same thing last week calling out everything from a safety blitz to run plays.

Romo’s performance has been widely praised thus far. This is an especially difficult feat as media personalities tend to be polarizing figures.

Here was Sports Illustrated’s review of his initial broadcast performance.

I thought Romo was good, and very good in spots. He was right in the X’s and O’s, properly enthusiastic (particularly about Marshawn Lynch’s physicality) and spoke in the kinds of informative staccato bursts that are essential for network color guys. Occasionally, his voice broke, but other than that, Romo sounded like he’d done this before.

Hoping to catch Romo’s broadcast next week? The Steelers-Bears, Texans-Patriots, Bengals-Packers and Chiefs-Chargers could all be in play for the main CBS broadcast crew.

Here is some of the best Twitter reactions to fans new favorite announcer.

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