Tennessee Trash Can: Why the Vols Have It on the Sideline

tennessee trash can, why, what it means

The famous Tennessee trash can.

Fans who tuned into the Vols Labor Day opener against Georgia Tech are familiar with the infamous trash can. Coaches were holding up the trash can during Tennessee’s comeback win over the Yellow Jackets.

It seemed like nearly every play the Tennessee defense was on the field the gray trash can found its way on camera, leaving many confused college football fans.

The idea was to use the trash can as a prop. When a defensive player made a big turnover, they would bring the ball to the sideline, and dunk it into the trash can. The prop backfired after Tennessee trailed for most of their opening game. The trash can became an instant meme as fans poked fun at the Vols.

Fans can expect to see the trash can make a trip to The Swamp. In fact, the Vols have been using the trash can since last season as AL.com details.

The trash can looks like one that you would see in a high school lunch room. According to AL.com, the 121 on the side stands for Tennessee’s 121st year of football, while “HTB” stands for “Hunt the Ball”.

“Some people act like we’re the only place in America that does things like that. Everybody has something,” Butch Jones told 247 Sports.

Jones has a point. Texas A&M has used a cane on the sideline for players to celebrate. Other teams have used everything from championship wrestling belts to chains.

However, when you have an assistant emphatically waiving a trash can during a nationally televised game, it is going to get attention. It did not help matters that the trash can became famous right as the Vols were playing some of their worst football.

We’ll see if the trash can helps the defense against Florida.

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