ESPN’s Sam Ponder Calls Barstool’s Big Cat Out on Twitter For Blog Post

Getty/Twitter Sam Ponder, left, and Dan "Big Cat" Katz, right.

After 18 successful months hosting the podcast Pardon My Take, Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFTCommentor of Barstool Sports are headed to cable TV.

Barstool Van Talk, hosted by the comedic pair, premieres on ESPN2 early Wednesday morning. The 30-minute weekly show is in the 1 a.m. time slot and will feature interviews with various sports personalities — similar to Pardon My Take. It’ll take place inside of their staple vehicle, “Vanny Woodhead” and has ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt as the first guest.

A TV show on top of the widely-successful podcast is obviously a career highlight for Big Cat and PFT, and ESPN football analyst Sam Ponder sent her sarcastic well wishes on the new show via Twitter.

On Monday, Ponder tweeted screenshots of a blog post that calls her a “Bible-thumping freak” who’s only on TV to “make men hard.” She tagged Big Cat in the post, saying: “Welcome to the ESPN Family @BarstoolBigCat (& welcome to all ur minions who will respond to this so kindly).”

The post in question wasn’t made by Big Cat or PFT, but still appears on Barstool’s website. It was made on July 2014, 2014 by Feitelberg. He was commenting on a past Ponder tweet that said: “Blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women and objectify their bodies, then take a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue really confuses me.”

Editors Note – I know Feits blogged this already. But I wrote it up too because I’m fired the f**k up. F**K SAM PONDER THAT BIBLE THUMPING FREAK

So it’s official. Sam Ponder is an idiot. I mean this tweet from her is not only infuriating but mindbogglingly stupid. Hey Sam you really can’t see the difference between saying a chick is hot and beating the fuck out of a woman? You don’t see the difference? Like guys can’t look at girls in bikinis or talk about sex without thinking it’s okay to knock them unconscious? Please tell me you’re not this dumb. Seriously you sound like a KO Barstool freak, not a chick that has a job where the #1 requirement is you make men hard. So give it a rest with your righteous indignation. Your entire career and livelihood is based on appealing to guys like me and blogs like ours. Bottomline is guys thinking chicks are hot is natural. It’s Darwinism. It’s never gonna change. But that doesn’t mean we don’t respect women and think it’s okay to hit a woman. I have no idea what’s so confusing about that. Go f**k yourself.

Big Cat responded to Ponder’s tweet, informing her wasn’t him who wrote it up.

Ponder responded to the defense, accusing him of calling her a “slut” on a Barstool show called “The Rundown.”

Big Cat wrote back to Ponder, saying he actually defended her during the segment. He thought that maybe Ponder had him confused with his boss, Barstool founder Dave Portno on “The Rundown.”

Listen to the audio from the segment below. In it, Big Cat starts talking about Ponder around 8 minutes, and Portnoy mentions her "slutting it up."

Ponder also accused him of deleting a tweet and called out all of Barstool for its content.

Eventually, Big Cat decided the best option was to walk away from the Twitter argument and let cooler heads prevail.