WATCH: Jameis Winston Provokes Bucs-Saints Fight

In one of the most bizarre moments so far this NFL season, Jameis Winston stirred up a scuffle in the Bucs-Saints game in the weirdest way possible. While on the sidelines, Winston pointed at Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore, and eventually poked him in the head. As expected, Lattimore did not take kindly to his head being pushed, and had some words for Winston. In a move reminiscent of the WWE, Bucs receiver Mike Evans ran across the field, and pushed Lattimore to the ground.

From there, several members of both teams began a short scuffle on the Buccaneers sideline. What adds to the curiosity of the fight is Winston had left the game with a shoulder injury. Ryan Fitzpatrick took over as quarterback for an injured Winston. Injured players are typically being treated either on the sidelines or in the locker room. This fight is the latest episode in a Bucs season that has failed to live up to expectations.

It was a testy day in the NFL as there was a scuffle in the Bengals-Jaguars game. After Jalen Ramsey shoved A.J. Green, Green responded by putting Ramsey in a choke hold, and slamming him to the ground. Once on the ground, Green started punching Ramsey in the helmet, which is never a smart move. Here’s a look at the fight.

According to the USA Today, Winston was 7-of-13 for 67 yards prior to leaving the game with an injury. This season, Winston has thrown for 1,853 yards, 10 touchdowns and six interceptions.

The sad thing is Winston poking Lattimore wasn’t even the weirdest thing he did in Week 9. Winston also delivered this odd pregame speech to the team.

Winston pretends to eat his hand then asks, “How many people want to eat a ‘W’ tonight?” Apparently, not very many as the Bucs were routed 30-10 by the Saints in today’s matchup.

Just a week ago, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter had noted to ESPN he believed Winston had overcome the injury.

[Jameis] was doing better, he played very well, especially in the second half against Buffalo. We did have that one sack-fumble in the first half, and he kind of re-injured it, and so that’s what led to him not throwing on Wednesday or Thursday this week…It was a bruise-type thing so it was sore. It wasn’t a setback. In fact, it was very similar to the way it was the week before. I wasn’t trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. In my mind, I’m saying the same thing. He’s had the same injury. I mean, it’s the same thing.

Winston either re-injured his shoulder, or did not feel like he was able to help his team in his current condition. Pewter Report’s Trevor Sikkema reported it was the doctor’s decision to pull Winston from the game.

Whatever the reason, it is less than ideal for your quarterback to start a fight while on the sidelines with an injury. The latest Bucs loss dropped them to 2-6 this season.

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