WWE Survivor Series 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Survivor Series Kickoff: Nov. 19, 2017Kalisto is determined to dethrone Amore and bring prestige back to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but Enzo is just as serious about hanging on to the title by any means necessary. Who will survive this battle of wills? Plus, Matt Hardy will face Elias, and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn will team up against Breezango!…2017-11-20T00:09:04.000Z

My, my, my, how the tides have changed.

Ever since TLC 2017 came to a close, the current WWE landscape has been constantly changing (for the better!). At one point, we were almost subjected to Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal in the main event for Survivor Series 2017. But since AJ Styles defeated Jinder for the WWE Championship, we now have a much better main event to look forward to. Roman Reigns has finally gotten over his illness and is ready to align with his Shield brethren to confront The New Day. The Intercontinental Champion will face off with the US Champion, plus both brands’ respective Women’s and Tag champs will do battle. And of course, we’ll all get to witness Raw vs. SmackDown in a Traditional Survivor Series 5v5 Elimination Tag match.

We’re here to break down every match as it happens and deliver the results you need to know from Survivor Series 2017.

Matt Hardy vs. Elias

Winner: Elias!

Highlights: Elias tortured the ears of the Texas crowd with one of his disparaging performances, of course. Once the match kicked off, both men got into a counter exchange that included headlocks and arm drags. Matt kept a headlock held on Elias for a good while until Elias threw him off. However, Matt grabbed ahold of Elias and dropped him with a Russian Leg Sweep and followed that up with a top rope elbow to the back of his head. As the match wore on, Matt continued to dominate “The Drifter.” Elias finally got Matt off of him by pulling his throat right into the top rope during a breakup exchange. Elias then focused his offense on Matt’s arm by slamming it across the ring apron. Elias then chose to wear down Matt’s limb with a submission hold and continue destroying it with strikes. Elias stayed in control by slamming Matt’s injured arm right into the ring corners and locking in another submission hold. Afterwards, Elias dropped Matt’s weak limb onto his knee with a unique slam.

When both men found themselves on the ring apron, Matt saved himself by dropping Elias wit ha Side Effect. Once inside the ring, Matt struggled to mount a comeback against Elias. He managed to take Elias down with several signature moves from his arsenal with just one strong arm. Elias tried fighting back, but he got taken down to the mat and hit with a top rope elbow drop. Matt went for his Twist of Fate, but Elias countered him by shoving him right into the ring corner post. Elias then secured the victory by landing his Drift Away finisher.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango)

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

Highlights: Owens and Zayn were quick to air their grievances over being relegated to the Kickoff Show before their tag match began. Before they could finish speaking on their issued with Shane McMahon, Breezango’s entrance music hit. Breeze and Fandango put down the Canadian duo of Owens and Zayn with less than flattering commentary about their fashion choices. When the bell finally rang, Fandango landed dropkicks on both Owens and Zayn. As they both stood outside the ring, Owens and Zayn were flooded with fashion violation tickets from Breeze. When the match got back underway, Breezango worked together to wear down Zayn. Zayn ended up saving himself by laying in a big boot to Breeze thanks to a quick distraction from Owens. Soon after, Owens tore into Breeze with several vicious strikes. Zayn aided his best friend’s efforts by working over Breeze with more strikes and a chinlock hold. Breeze eventually freed himself and kicked Zayn right in the face, but he was unable to tag in his fresh partner.

Owens got tagged in and then proceeded to land a Senton Splash on Breeze’s back. Then Breeze found himself locked into another chinlock hold. Breeze almost made a grand escape, but Owens shoved him back to the mat and locked in his submission hold once again. Breeze escaped again and managed to slow down Owens by using his knees to block another Senton Splash. Fandango soon got the hot tag and went to town on Zayn and Owens. Breeze aided his partner by trying to take out Owens, but Owens took him out by pushing him back first into the ring apron. Owens then saved his partner from getting finished by a top rope leg drop and then finished Fandango with a Pop Up Powerbomb.

Enzo Amore (c) vs. Kalisto (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winner: and STILL the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore!

Highlights: Enzo put down Kalisto for the disrespect he showed him last Tuesday before their title bout began. Enzo wasted no time in wearing down his challenger with punches and kicks. Enzo eventually ran to the outside to catch a breather and hop right back onto Kalisto. Kalisto shook him off at one point and almost defeated the champ with a Sunset Bomb. Once Enzo woke himself back up, he laid Kalisto’s throat across the top rope to gain the dirty advantage. Enzo then did everything in his power to ground Kalisto and beat him into submission. While laid upside down in the corner, Kalisto fell victim to a running forearm to the gut from Enzo. Enzo then locked in a submission hold, but not for long. Kalisto escaped and almost landed his finisher, but Enzo saved himself at the very last second. Later on, Enzo tried to land another running strike into the corner but Kalisto cut him off with a counter strike. Then Kalisto came flying off the top rope with a Moonsault.

Kalisto then entered into overdrive mode as he landed a bunch of slick high-flying maneuvers on the champ. Enzo chose to run to he ring apron to catch his breath, but Kalisto followed him in hot pursuit. A brief war broke out between both men, but Enzo got the better of Kalisto by slamming his shoulder into the ring post. Once back inside the ring, Enzo defeated Kalisto with the JawdonZo.

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz (with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) vs. WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin (Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Interbrand Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winner: the WWE United States Champion, Baron Corbin!

Highlights: Corbin pissed off The Miz as soon as the match began after he snuck a peek at Miz’s wife on the outside. Miz laid in a few strikes to the big man at first, but Corbin’s big man stature led to Miz getting beat down on the outside. Corbin once again disrespected The Miz by jaw jacking with Maryse in the front row, which led to The Miz jumping him and responding with punches. Miz’s quick spurt of offense didn’t last long though as Corbin began repeatedly throwing Miz into the crowd barrier. Corbin stayed on top of The Miz for a good while until a distraction from Curtis Axel led Bo Dallas clipping Corbin’s leg. Miz then took this opportunity to work over Corbin’s now weakened leg. Miz even locked in the Figure Four Leglock for a while, but Corbin shook him off and even dropped Miz with his Deep Six slam. Corbin then went nuts as he beat down Miz’s outside help, but his screwed up focus led to him getting caught with a stiff DDT. Miz ended up using Daniel Bryan’s swift kicks and a corner dropkick on Corbin, but it did nothing but piss him off. Corbin eventually brought down The Miz with an End of Days. SD Live got their first win of the evening here. After the match, Corbin disparaged Raw and their now KO’d IC Champion.

Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Finn Bálor, and Triple H) vs. Team SmackDown (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and John Cena) (Men’s Traditional Interbrand 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winners: Team Raw! Triple H & Braun Strowman were the final survivors!

Highlights: Both squads locked eyes with each other as the ref tried to calm down the tense situation. Once Strowman turned his back, Shane jumped him from behind. Shane paid for that mistake once Strowman threw him clear across the ring back to his team’s side. Once things calmed down once more, Orton and Joe decided to lock up. Joe’s power resulted in Orton getting taken down with shoulder tackles, but Orton used his quickness to catch Joe off guard with other maneuvers. Both men ended up in a stalemate soon after. Then Finn and Nakamura ended up locking horns as the crowd went wild. Both men countered each other over and over as they fought to gain the upper hand. While on the ropes, both men physically taunted each other and continued to be even as they battled. HHH got himself tagged in and locked up with Nakamura. Both men landed punches and kicks on each other as they brawled. HHH landed his knee strike to Nakamura and forced him to back into his corner. Roode tagged himself in and then faced off with HHH. Roode signaled for his “GLORIOUS!!!” taunt, but HHH laid him out before he could finish posing. Roode responded by laying into HHH with several punches and chops, but HHH took Roode down with a sick Spinning Spinebuster.

HHH taunted Roode with a DX taunt, but then he ran right into a Spinning Spinebuster from Roode. Roode then went full “GLORIOUS!!!” and looked to keep working on HHH, but HHH locked him into a Pedigree position. Roode escaped and then locked HHH into his Glorious DTT, but then HHH broke free. HHH then tagged in Angle, who leapt right int action by landing Rolling German Suplexes on Roode. Roode slipped out of the third one and managed to ground Angle. Nakamura then entered the bout and began taking down every member of Team Raw. Strowman wasn’t so easily beaten though as he eliminated Nakamura with his Running Powerslam. Roode ran right in and came off the top rope and landed a Neckbreaker on the big man, but it did nothing to keep Strowman down. Strowman took out a second member of SD Live by finishing Roode with a Running Powerslam. Afterwards, Team Raw began to implode as Joe vs. Strowman and HHH vs. Angle began to take shape. Orton and Cena took advantage of this Team Raw infighting moment and focused on wearing down Strowman. Orton and Cena’s teamwork got broken up at one point, but then the entirety of Team SD Live helped out to suplex Strowman through the announce table.

Shane then looked to land a big top rope elbow to the fallen Strowman, but Joe hopped up to the top rope to land a big Belly to Belly Suplex. While Joe was recovering, Cena tagged himself in and got in a few good moves on the big Samoan. Joe shook off all the damage done to him and proceeded to tear into Cena. Finn tried to aid Joe, but Joe was none too happy with Finn’s unseen tag. This brief scuffle between members of Team Raw led to Finn eating one AA while Joe got eliminated by two AA’s. Angle then re-entered the match hand reignited his feud with Cena. Angle and Cena clashed and exchanged strikes and slams until Cena caught Angle off guard with his comeback offense. Cena tried going for his 5-Knuckle Shuffle, but then Angle locked him into an Ankle Lock. Cena got right back up, but he then got dropped with an Angle Slam. Shane broke up the pin, but Finn ended up landing his Coup de Grâce on a prone Cena. One more Angle Slam later and Cena was gone from the match.

Orton wasted no time in entering the ring and stomping on Angle. Angle slipped away and tagged in Finn, who proceeded to tear into Team SD. He almost finished Orton with his Coup de Grâce, but Orton moved out of the way and eliminated Finn with a swift RKO. HHH then ran into work on a much weaker Orton. This seemed to work for a while until Orton shoved HHH into Angle while he sat atop the top rope. Orton tried tagging in Shane, but then Owens and Zayn randomly ran out to get into a fight with their own GM! While Shane was distracted, Orton met his end after eating a Running Powerslam from a now fresh Strowman. Shane then walked back to the ring and looked beyond scared to face the last three members of Team Raw. Shane looked like he was going to lock up with Strowman, but then HHH tagged himself in to battle his brother in-law.

But then, Angle tagged himself. While HHH and Angle jaw jacked with each other, Shane went to work and used several quick moves and pins to put Angle away. Shane looked good for a while until Angle cleaned his clock with an Angle Slam and then locked in an Ankle Lock. Shane remained locked in for several grueling minutes until HHH broke the submission hold and landed a Pedigree on Angle! Shane then eliminated Angle while Strowman stared down HHH in shock. HHH then helped up Shane and looked as if he was aligning himself with his brother in-law, but then he landed a Pedigree on Shane! HHH got the winning pin for Team Raw! Strowman continued to look on in confusion as HHH celebrated Team Raw’s victory. Strowman was far from pleased with HHH’s backhanded tactics, which led to them getting into a argument. HHH tried to Pedigree Strowman, but Strowman powered out and crushed HHH with two Running Powerslam’s to end the evening.

Team Raw (Alicia Fox, Asuka, Bayley, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks) vs. Team SmackDown (Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina and Natalya) (with Lana) (Women’s Traditional Interbrand 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winners: Team Raw! Asuka ended up being the sole survivor!

Highlights: Fox and Lynch were the first ladies from their respective team to go to war. Fox had the upper hand for a few moments until Lynch used a dropkick and a top rope leg drop to drop her. Lynch almost locked in the Dis-Arm Her on Fox, but she escaped after getting the blind tag from Bayley. Lynch suplexed Fox across the ring, but she then got eliminated with a quick roll up pin from Bayley. Natalya decided to enter the ring and lock up with Bayley to continue the bout. Bayley got assaulted for a while, but she eventually saved herself by fighting back against Tamina. Soon, Asuka got in a few hits on Tamina and tagged in Fox to do some more damage. Fox then tagged in Bayley to keep their assault on Tamina going, but Tamina eventually leveled Bayley. Bayley ended up trapped in SD Live’s corner and took every lady out, but she then got brought to her knees by Carmella. Carmella’s Superkick then led to Tamina’s top rope splash eliminating Bayley.

Jax and Tamina then found themselves engaging in a huge battle. Both women used their power to counter the other, which led to several even exchanges. Lana even got caught in the crossfire when Jax knocked her off the ring apron. Jax ended up getting counted out after Tamina used another splash to keep her out of the ring. While Fox screamed at Jax for her error, Naomi started beating down on her. Naomi eventually eliminated Fox, but then Naomi met her exit from the match after Banks quickly submitted her. Carmella ran into to lock up with Banks for a few seconds, but Banks shook her off and tagged in Asuka to do some damage. Carmella looked good for a few seconds against Asuka until she taunted her and got her enraged. Asuka responded in kind by using a nasty kick to KO Carmella and eliminate her.

Banks and Natalya then began fighting for their respective teams by getting into a slapping war. Banks ended up getting the best of Natalya with her signature comeback offense for a while, but then Natalya recovered and locked in the Sharpshooter. Banks was soon forced to tap out. Asuka ended up having to defend herself against Natalya and Tamina near the match’s end. SD Live’s ladies used a double suplex and more strikes against a now weaker Asuka. Tamina tried landing another top rope splash, but Asuka moved out of the way and proceeded to lock in an armbar that made Tamina tap out. Natalya quickly ran in to try and lock in the Sharpshooter, but Asuka shook her off to lock in an Ankle Lock. Natalya fought out of it, but she soon got taken out thereafter by tapping out to Asuka’s Asuka Lock. Raw now has a 2-0 lead!

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro vs. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) (Non-Title Champions vs. Champions Interbrand Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winners: the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

Highlights: The Usos got on the mic to berate “The bar” before they locked up. Sheamus and Jimmy were the first men from their duos to lock up, which ended up with the big Irishmen tearing into his smaller foe. Jimmy eventually got the advantage on Sheamus and began beating down Sheamus in his team’s corner. Jimmy and Jey had the match in hand for a few minutes until Cesaro entered the bout and went European Uppercut crazy. Cesaro’s offense got cut off soon after, which led to Sheamus re-entering the match. Sheamus found himself kicked in the back of the head when he hit the ropes and slapped by The Usos soon after. A bit of action erupted on the outside, but Sheamus and Cesaro recovered and began taking control again back in the ring. Jimmy found himself on the receiving end of some severe punishment for several moments. Jimmy saved himself later on after landing a Whisper in the Wind-like maneuver to take out Sheamus.

Once Jey got the hot tag, he went to town on Cesaro with several strikes. Jey missed out on hitting his corner butt splash due to Cesaro cutting him off with an Uppercut. But Jey shook all the damage done to him off and successfully landed that move on his second attempt. While Sheamus fought hard to get back into the ring, Jey held Cesaro on his shoulder while Jimmy superkicked him. On the outside, Sheamus shoved Jimmy into the crowd barrier and clipped Jey’s foot. This led right into Cesaro using a Big Swing and his Sharpshooter to torture Jey in the ring. Jimmy ran into make the save, but he was then met with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Even after all that, Jey still crawled to the bottom rope to break Cesaro’s submission hold. “The Bar” kept on punishing Jey by landing their White Noise tag team maneuver, but Jimmy ran into break the pin administered to his twin. Jimmy got forcefully removed from the ring while Jey got propped up for another big move. While being held in the air, Jey picked Sheamus off the top rope and dropped him with a Samoan Drop. Cesaro ended up Powerbombing Jey at the very same time. As the match wore on, Cesaro ran in to catch a double Superkick. Sheamus then ate the same maneuver and remained laid out while The Usos regrouped. The Usos then took out Cesaro on the outside and ended the match after delivering a top rope splash to Sheamus for the win. SD Live tied up the score with 2-2.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Interbrand Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winner: the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair!

Highlights: Charlotte wasted no time in butchering Raw’s Women’s Champion. She ran right at her smaller opponent and laid in a few stiff strikes. Bliss made a quick exit from the ring to get her bearings, but she ran right back in to get beat down down even worse than before. After getting mauled in the corner, Bliss found herself on the ring apron. After Charlotte followed her, Bliss caught her off guard by grabbing hold of her arm and slamming it into the mat below them. Bliss continued injuring Charlotte by working on her weak arm and ribs on the outside. Bliss locked on a submission hold that kept Charlotte grounded for several minutes, but Charlotte soon found her way out of it. Bliss cut off her comeback soon after, but Charlotte soon caught Bliss in her grasp and launched her into the ring corner. Charlotte then went high to land a Moonsault, but Bliss tripped her up and then used her knees to further incapacitate her.

As the match continued, Charlotte used her power and height advantage to get the best of Bliss. Bliss fought hard to bring Charlotte down to her level and even used a Frankensteiner to try and get a quick pin. Charlotte broke up the pin and answered back with several chops. Bliss shook them off and ended up locking Bliss into a Guillotine chokehold. Charlotte looked to be on her last legs until she lifted Bliss high into the air and dropping her with a Sitdown Powerbomb. Bliss survived this big move, but she then got dropped again with Charlotte’s Natural Selection. Charlotte then chose to take flight and try to land a Moonsault, but Bliss moved out of the way to evade it. Moments later, Bliss used her signature DDT to put an end to Charlotte. However, Charlotte broke up Bliss’ follow-up pin by getting her foot on the bottom rope. When Bliss got ahold of Charlotte’s hair and began screaming in her face, Charlotte grew angry and shoved her away. As Bliss came back from bouncing off the ropes, Charlotte quickly landed a Spear. Bliss still held on as she broke up the follow-up pin. Later on, Bliss got her win back and tried landing her Twisted Bliss top rope splash. Charlotte cut her off by lifting her knees in time to injure Bliss, though. Charlotte got the victory for Team Blue after ending Bliss with a big boot and her Figure Eight Leglock. SD Live then grabbed the lead with 3 straight wins to Raw’s 2 victories for the night.

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winners: The Shield!

Highlights: Big E, Kofi and Woods spoke to the live crowd about their big dream match, Raw’s attack on SD Live and how huge The Shield’s “guts” are. Once both trio’s squared off, Ambrose and Kofi got things underway first. Kofi used his agility to slip out of Ambrose’s grasp, which led to Ambrose slapping Kofi for good measure. Then Rollins entered the fray to lock up with Woods. Rollins quickly knocked Woods down with a clothesline, which then led to Reigns getting tagged into to clash with Big E. Both powerhouses locked up for a few moments, but Reigns eventually got the better of his livelier foe. All three Shield members took Kofi and Big E over the top rope to the outside, which left Woods in the ring to be picked apart. The Shield used efficient team work to land tandem moves on Woods, but Woods ended up saving himself by tagging in Kofi. Kofi kicked into a higher gear as used a slew of moves to take down Ambrose. Kofi tried landing his top rope body splash on Ambrose, but Ambrose almost caught him and dropped him with a Dirty Deeds. Kofi pushed Ambrose into his corner to save himself from getting finished.

The New Day ended up using their signature corner stomp maneuver to ground Ambrose, but Kofi ended up sliding groin first into the corner ring post when Ambrose moved out of the way. Ambrose’s last minute save didn’t lead to him tagging out, however. The New Day ended up trying to land their boot beatdown again and successfully took out Ambrose. Soon, Rollins and Reigns ran to The New Day’s side to brawl with Big E and Woods. A huge scuffle broke out, which led to Big E spearing Ambrose through the middle rope. Once the match got back under control, The New Day constantly tagged in and out to weaken Ambrose. Ambrose soon found himself on the top rope, but he fought hard to break the hold’s put on him by Woods and Big E. Ambrose saved himself by coming off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick to Big E. Kofi tried to stop Ambrose from getting the hot tag, but it was all for naught. Rollins got into the match and went to town on each member of The New Day. Rollins even used a Buckle Bomb on Woods that led right into Reigns running in to land a follow up jumping Clothesline.

A bunch of slick counters between Reigns and Woods came to a close when Reigns ended up landing a nasty Superman Punch on Woods. Afterwards, Reigns ended missing a Spear opportunity after getting kicked by Woods. Pure mayhem erupted afterwards as every man from both team ran into land a signature move on the other. Kofi almost met his end after eating a Dirty Deeds, but Woods prevented him from eating the pinfall. Woods paid for his interference by getting Superkicked by Rollins, however. Reigns and Ambrose ran outside to take out Big E and Kofi, then proceeded to try and land their Triple Powerbomb on Woods. Big E and Kofi saved their boy, then managed to take down Rollins and Reigns on the outside. Back inside the ring, The New Day landed a triple kick to Ambrose. Then Kofi and Big E pulled off big top rope splashes on a prone Ambrose. Afterwards, Rollins and Ambrose gotten taken down by a double Midnight Hour from The New Day. They almost met their end, but the pinfall was broken up after Reigns speared Big E right near the referee. Once both team finally brought themselves to their feet, another massive brawl broke out. Big E got laid out with a Dirty Deeds on the outside and Kofi got destroyed with a Spear back inside the ring. The Shield then did the unthinkable – landing a massive Triple Powerbomb to Kofi from the very top rope. The Shield ended up winning the first match of the night, giving Raw 1 to SD Live’s 0.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles (Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Interbrand Match)

WWE Survivor Series 2017


Winner: the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Highlights: After the big match introductions were given, Lesnar cut right into Styles with several shoulder thrusts to the gut and threw him across the ring numerous times. Styles threw a stuff elbow shot to get Lesnar off of him, but Lesnar was unbothered by it. Lesnar continued to manhandle Styles with more vicious strikes and even a sick overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Then Lesnar took Styles to “Suplex City” by launching him into the air and onto the mat with a Release German Suplex. On the outside, Lesnar launched Styles face first right into the commentator’s table. Back in the ring, Lesnar landed another devastating Release German Suplex. While trapped in the corner, Styles ended up on the receiving end of a nasty running knee strike. When Styles got back to his feet, Lesnar screamed at Styles to force him to fight back. Lesnar dodged all of Style’s strikes and clotheslined him right back down to the mat.

Lesnar continued to power through Styles’ strikes and landed a knee that took Styles down again. Later on though, Styles gained his first advantage after dodging another flying knee strike and missing. Lesnar drove his knee right into the corner ring pad, which led to Styles dropkicking his other limb to ground him. Styles then used two DDT’s and a Pele to further break down Lesnar. When Styles took flight to land his Phenomenal Forearm, Lesnar caught him and suplexed him once more. Lesnar slowly got back to his feet and ended up getting launched over the top rope. While Lesnar tried getting back to his feet on the outside, Styles flew over just in time to drop him with a Phenomenal Elbow. On the outside, Styles pushed Lesnar and his weakened knee right into the ring steps. Then Styles hopped from those steps to land a big elbow on “The Beast.” Once the match got back into the ring, Styles crushed Lesnar with a Lionsault and even a Springboard 450 Splash. Styles then signaled for the Styles Clash, but Lesnar quickly propped him up for an F5. Styles quickly slipped out and proceeded to lock Lesnar into a Calf Crusher. Lesnar screamed and writhed in pain, but he soon got free by slamming Styles’ head hard into the mat. Afterwards, Styles took flight once more and cracked Lesnar with his Phenomenal Elbow! Lesnar still kicked out afterwards, however. Styles then looked to land another one, but this time Lesnar caught Styles and ended him with an F5. Raw ended up tying the PPV’s score with SD Live at 3-3.

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Come back and join us for the results & highlights from WWE Clash of Champions on December 17, 2017!

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