Morgan Mayberry, Baker Mayfield’s Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Instagram Baker Mayfield and girlfriend, Morgan Mayfield, at a 2016 awards ceremony.

Baker Mayfield’s name stays in the news. Most of the time, it is for his stellar play as the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback, while other times it is for admittedly regrettable instances like the night Mayfield was arrested in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Through it all, Mayfield leaned on his girlfriend at the time, Morgan Mayberry, along with his family to help him stay grounded. Heavy has since learned that Mayfield is no longer dating Mayberry, and has been spotted with model Emily Wilkinson

Like a typical college couple, Mayfield frequently posted photos on social media detailing various outings with his girlfriend. However, Mayfield and Mayberry speak little publicly about their relationship. The two met while attending Oklahoma, and the couple will experience a bit of a transition as Mayfield heads to the NFL. Whether vacationing together in St. Lucia or attending awards ceremonies together, Mayfield and Mayberry seem to enjoy spending time together.

Mayfield has been one of the more polarizing figures in college football, but Mayberry seems to bring out a softer side of the fiercely competitive quarterback.

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1. The Couple Met While Attending Oklahoma & Mayberry Is Part of a Sorority

Photos with Mayberry first started to appear on his Instagram account in September 2016 as the couple met during their time together at Oklahoma. While Mayfield frequently posts photos of the couple, little it known about Mayberry, who prefers to keep a low profile. What we do know is she is in an Oklahoma sorority, and the couple vacationed in together in St. Lucia in May 2017.

In other posts, Mayfield jokes that Mayberry puts up with his unique singing voice, and on July 4th called his girlfriend an “independent woman.” Mayfield cited 1 Corinthians 13:7 in another post to describe their relationship. In a photo taken at the 2016 ESPN College Football Awards, Mayfield called Mayberry the “best trophy of the night.”

2. Mayfield Called Mayberry the One Who “Taught Me How to Live & Love Life to the Fullest”

Mayfield often posts photos of the couple on Instagram with lengthy captions describing his relationship with Mayberry. On Mayberry’s brithday, Mayfield posted this message on Instagram about his girlfriend.

To the girl that has taught me how to live and love life to the fullest. To the girl that can without a doubt, put a smile on my face in my toughest times. To the girl that treats me better than I ever dreamed was possible . To the girl that puts up with me when I poke you and annoyingly sing to you. To the girl that stays by my side through thick and thin. I want you to know how much I love you, and how much you deserve to have a fantastic day…Thank you for everything you do for me. You are my best friend and I want everybody to know how madly in love and lucky I am to be a part of your life. It is truly a blessing to be around you everyday.

3. Mayberry Called Mayfield’s Parents on the Night He Was Arrested in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Video of Baker Mayfield's arrest releasedPolice in Fayetteville, Arkansas released the dash cam video from the night Baker Mayfield was arrested.2017-03-10T23:13:48.000Z

You can imagine calling the parents of your significant other during the middle of the night is not the easiest thing to do. According to Bleacher Report, Mayberry had the difficult task of calling Mayfield’s parents, James and Gina Mayfield, at 3 a.m. to tell them their son had been arrested.

Gina Mayfield spoke with ESPN about the conversation she had with her son after he was arrested.

As any parent who gets a phone call at 3:20 in the morning in a dead sleep, you are concerned … but he was sobbing and he was apologizing and it truly did devastate him to have to make that phone call. So he just, he was just apologizing for being stupid.

4. Mayfield Was in Arkansas Visiting Friends With Mayberry When He Was Arrested

According to Oklahoma News 4, Mayfield was arrested in Fayetteville, Arkansas during the early morning hours of February 25. ESPN reported Mayfield was in town with Mayberry visiting friends. The incident started as a misunderstanding, but escalated into something much bigger. Mayfield was breaking up a fight, when the police stopped him to ask for a statement on what happened. Mayfield was intoxicated and the report (via ESPN) described him as “yelling profanities and causing a scene.”

Mayfield ignored the officers request, and eventually tried to run away from them. All this led to Mayfield being arrested, and he later offered a public apology for the incident. Mayfield expressed regret over the night in Fayetteville in an interview with ESPN.

I used to laugh at people for their mistakes, but then I’m sitting there. I was like, well, it can happen in just about 30 seconds. The biggest mistake of your life…I don’t know if there’s anything that I could really say. I mean the video kind of speaks for itself. I didn’t harm anybody. I’d love to take it back, making the police officer’s job very difficult and not just listening to them. That would be the one thing that I’d want to take back and change. I really put myself in a situation that just shouldn’t have happened.

5. Mayfield Was Previously Dating Baillie Burmaster While She Was a Student at Oklahoma State

Bedlam was even more interesting for Mayfield when he was dating Baillie Burmaster, who attended rival Oklahoma State. The couple had been very public about their relationship until 2016, when it became clear Mayfield was dating Mayberry. Burmaster now covers another Oklahoma rival inside the Big 12, the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Burmaster works for KAMC, a Lubbock TV station, and hosts Red Raider Nation, a show about Texas Tech athletics. Burmaster played soccer for Oklahoma State before graduating, and heading to Lubbock to continue her sports journalism career.

KAMC provides this overview of Burmaster’s career.

Baillie Burmaster joined the KAMC News team in May 2016 as a General Assignment Reporter before quickly becoming a Sport Reporter in July 2016.

She graduated with a double degree in Sports Media and Marketing from Oklahoma State University. While in college, she served as a Sports Anchor/Reporter for OStateTV. She also worked at Orange Power Studios, the in-house production of all OSU Athletic events. Coming from Austin, she is excited to be able to stay in the great state of Texas.