Matt & Sarah Ryan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Instagram/@sryan03 Despite growing up in the Northeast, Sarah and Matt Ryan feel at home in Atlanta.

Life as an NFL quarterback is already busy, but things will be even busier during the 2018 season as Matt Ryan becomes a father for the first time. Matt and his wife, Sarah Ryan, are expecting twins, meaning there will be little time for sleep in the coming months. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Matt relayed his excitement about being a new dad.

“We’re obviously very excited,” Ryan told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Sarah has been feeling great. We are excited to add to the family here in a couple of months. We are happy and excited. We are looking forward to it…I’m sure like everybody else you’re unsure, excited, nervous and all of those things, but I’m just very happy for Sarah and myself. I’m looking forward until they get here.”

It will not be the first life change the couple has experienced. Sarah and Matt met as young college students at Boston College, and had to adjust to the bright lights of the NFL.

So far, the couple has done just fine, and there is no reason to think things will change for them as parents. Sarah grew up in Portland, Maine, while Matt is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They may be Northeast natives, but both have been outspoken in their love for Atlanta.

Learn more about the Ryan couple.

1. The Ryans Are Expecting Twins in 2018

On November 21, 2017, Matt and Sarah announced they are expecting twins. Sarah posted a photo on Instagram of the couple with a number two balloon, indicating the family was about to grow by two.

It’s been a long road, but Matt and I couldn’t be happier to announce that we are expecting twins! We are anxiously awaiting their arrival in April. There’s just something about the number 2 in our house, I guess?‍♀️?

Matt told the Atlanta Journal Constitution his jersey number now has a bit more significance.

“It definitely adds some more significance to the number two, before that it was I just liked it [the No. 2],” Ryan told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Now, we have something for it, which is cool.”

It did not take long for the internet to turn the photo into a “28-3” meme, a joke about the lead the Falcons blew in Super Bowl LI.

2. Sarah Volunteers at an Atlanta Boys & Girls Club

Both Sarah and Ryan are active in the Atlanta community. According to the Press Herald, one of the ways Sarah gives back is by volunteering at the Brookhaven Boys and Girls Club at least three times a week during the off-season. Executive director Ziggy Asfaw described Sarah’s impact on the kids in an interview with the Press Herald.

She’s not worried about any kind of recognition. She just does it because she loves the relationships she has built. She fits right in as if she was a staff member. I consider her a friend…She asks how your day is, how your family is – she wants to know what’s going on with you. She has a big heart.

3. The Couple Met in the Boston College Weight Room

Snapchat Takeover: Sarah & Matt RyanWe gave our Snapchat to Matt Ryan's wife Sarah for the day and she did not disappoint. Follow along as Sarah hosts a hilarious Q&A with Matt and get a glimpse of what #MattyIce is like off the field.2017-04-06T19:58:49.000Z

Both Matt and Sarah were student-athletes at Boston College, and the couple initially met in the weight room. Sarah explained how they met in an interview with the Gwinnett Daily Post.

For him, he was definitely blown away [laughs]. We met freshman year at Boston College. All the athletes there and all the teams worked out in the same building. So as cliche as it sounds, we first met in the weight room. It started out as a friendship. We’d see each other in the hallways, and we had the same group of friends and one thing led to another. I look back and we dated forever and now weve been married for two years. I was the lucky one to run into him that day.

Later in the interview, Sarah also described their first date.

Wow. Let’s see. The first couple of times we went out with others around campus. That’s the beauty of college, you get to know someone without the official first date thing. You know what, I know what [the first date] was. He was the best sport about it. Me and three of my teammates, so four girls were going to a movie and I invited Matt along to see Man on Fire. I felt bad because it was Matt and all these girls. But he was a good sport about it. Right then, I knew I had a good one.

4. Sarah Was a 3-Year Starting Point Guard at Boston College

Matt Ryan's wife: Meet Sarah Marshall, former high school basketball star athlete and moreGet to know Sarah Marshall – now Sarah Ryan – the wife of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Marshall is not the Sarah Marshall from the 2008 film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Matt's wife Sarah was born in Portland, Maine and was a three-sport star athlete in high school. She was recruited to play basketball at…2017-02-03T20:23:37.000Z

According to the Atlanta Falcons, Sarah started at point guard for the Boston College women’s basketball team, and finished with 543 assists, the second most in program history when she graduated. She started 92 consecutive games for the Eagles. Sarah led the team in both assists and minutes played during her final three seasons. The team also made a Sweet 16 run with Sarah as point guard.

According to Boston College Athletics, Sarah was also a star athlete in high school. She was born in Portland, Maine and was a two-time state Gatorade Player of the Year. She played on two state championship teams.

5. Maggie & Mike, the Couple’s Brother & Sister, Are Also Married

Finding a couple to double-date with is easy in the Ryan household. Matt’s brother, Mike, is married to Sarah’s sister, Maggie. According to the Press Herald, Matt and Sarah introduced the couple to each other through Boston College football. Maggie described her relationship with her younger sister, Sarah, in an interview with the Press Herald.

I’m, like, Sarah’s biggest fan. I’m surprised I’m even married because I went to so many women’s basketball games during my single life…It’s just crazy – kind of a whirlwind. She’s my younger sister and I look up to how she handles everything…They’re [Matt and Sarah] a perfect complement for each other because he hasn’t changed either. Matt is so lucky to be with Sarah because she gets it – the whole life of an athlete. She totally is right in sync with him.

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