Bill Belichick Has Won Five Super Bowls as a Head Coach

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Getty Bill Belichick has won five Super Bowls as Patriots head coach, and an additional two championships as a coordinator.

The answer to how many Super Bowl rings Bill Belichick owns is a bit complicated. Like Tom Brady, Belichick has won five Super Bowls as head coach of the New England Patriots, coaching the team in all of the franchise’s championships. Belichick also won two Super Bowls as a defensive coordinator with the New York Giants. Belichick has a total of seven Super Bowl rings if you count the two titles he was part of as a coordinator.

Super Bowl LII marks Belichick’s 11th Super Bowl that he has been part of in some capacity. As the Boston Globe points out, this means Belichick has been part of 11 of the 52 Super Bowls. In a sport where most players and coaches are fortunate to get to one Super Bowl, Belichick has been part of more than 20 percent of sport’s most iconic game.

A photo of Belichick wearing 10 rings went viral during the Patriots ring ceremony creating a lot of confusion. As explained, three of the rings Belichick was wearing were for winning AFC titles. Belichick has seven Super Bowl championship rings counting his two championships as a Giants coordinator.

The Giants franchise has played a role in adding to Belichick’s collection of Super Bowl rings as well as preventing him from padding his stats. Belichick won two Super Bowls with the Giants during his tenure as defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells. Eli Manning and the Giants are also the only team to defeat the Brady-Belichick combination in the Super Bowl. During both the 2007 and 2011 seasons, the Giants topped the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Belichick also lost in Super Bowl XXXI to the Packers as the Patriots assistant head coach. Overall, Belichick has a 70 percent success rate in Super Bowls heading into Super Bowl LII.

Belichick already owns the record for Super Bowl wins as a head coach with five, and has a chance to add to his lead. According to, former Steelers coach Chuck Noll is next in line with four. Bill Walsh and Joe Gibbs both have three Super Bowl rings. Vince Lombardi’s legacy isn’t straight forward as some of his success came before the Super Bowl era. Lombardi technically has two Super Bowl victories, winning the first two Super Bowls. He also coached three teams (1961, 1962, 1965) who won titles prior to the existence of the Super Bowl. You know you have done something right when they name the trophy after you.

A win in the 2018 Super Bowl would give Belichick his second set of back-to-back titles. Part of the reason Belichick has been able to maintain success is his commitment not to dwell on past success, and desire to move on to the next challenge. After the Patriots 2017 Super Bowl victory, Belichick spoke with CNBC’s Suzy Welch about his leadership style.

“We’re onto 2017,” Belichick told CNBC. “No one cares about 2016 anymore. You can’t look back. We don’t talk about last year. We don’t talk about next week. We talk about today, and we talk about the next game. That’s all we can really control.”

This philosophy helped get the Patriots back to the Super Bowl during the 2017 season. Here’s a look at Belichick’s Super Bowl history.

Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl Victories

Giants Defensive Coordinator XXI 1986
Giants Defensive Coordinator XXV 1990
Patriots Head Coach XXXVI 2001
Patriots Head Coach XXXVIII 2003
Patriots Head Coach XXXIX 2004
Patriots Head Coach XLIX 2014
Patriots Head Coach LI 2016

Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl Losses

Patriots Assistant Head Coach XXXI 1996
Patriots Head Coach XLII 2007
Patriots Head Coach XLVI 2011

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