Brian Belichick, Bill Belichick’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

brian belichick

Twitter/Suffield Academy Bill Belichick and his son, Brian.

Brian Belichick, the youngest child of New England Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick, now holds a coaching position on the team, joining his older brother and father on the football field.

According to The Providence Journal, Brian Belichick has risen steadily through the ranks of pro football, and he was promoted “to coaching assistant where he worked with the defensive coaches.” His older brother, Steve, is a safeties coach for the Patriots. The presence of so many Belichicks on the football field is turning Super Bowl 2019 into a bit of a family affair.

Bill Belichick’s other son, Steve Belichick, is a safeties coach for the Patriots, who are taking on the Los Angeles Rams.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brian Belichick’s Work Ethic Is Admired & His Brother Steve Says Brian Is Smarter Than Him

Brian Belichick has been making a positive impression with the Patriots. People on the team – including his own brother – think that Brian Belichick has a bright future in pro football. Brian Belichick is 26 years in age.

stephen belichick, bill belichick children

Stephen Belichick, son of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, looks on before the game against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium on September 22, 2016. (Getty)

“I’m much a much better athlete than him so it’s no problem. But yeah, he is, he’s really smart,” Steve said to the Providence Journal. “He’s such an analytical thinker. He almost hurts himself because he’s an over thinker at times. He breaks it down so small, it’s so impressive. It’s really impressive to watch him and the stuff he comes up with. He’s really smart.”

2. Brian Is the Son of Debby Belichick, Bill’s Ex-Wife

Brian Belichick is one of the three children that Bill Belichick had with his ex-wife and high school sweetheart, Debby. According to the Boston Globe, Debby and Bill Belichick met in high school.

They have three children: Amanda, Stephen, and Brian. In 2007, The Boston Globe reported that Bill and his then-wife, Debby, had purchased “a $4.6 million lot” in Nantucket.

After her divorce, Debby, along with a female friend, opened The Art of Tile & Stone, “a new tile store in Wellesley that offers everything from design to installation of new stone,” reported The Boston Herald.

Bill Belichick’s net worth is reportedly about $35 million.

3. Brian Belichick Played Lacrosse in College

Bill’s son Brian was athletic in college.

Brian Belichick attended Trinity College where he also played lacrosse, and he was initially hired as a scouting assistant for the Patriots.

Brian’s sister Amanda Belichick is a college lacrosse coach. According to, Brian also played golf at Trinity College. “Upon graduating from Trinity College in 2016, Brian…was hired by the organization as a scouting assistant,” the newspaper reported.

NBC noted that Brian’s advancement within the Patriots organization means that there are now three Belichicks on the team’s coaching staff. “Brian shifted from the scouting side of things to the coaching side this offseason, officially bringing together all three Belichicks on the same coaching staff,” the network reported.

“Brian was here last year but more on the scouting side of it, but they’ve been at a lot of camps, maybe in an unofficial capacity,” Bill Belichick said to NBC. “Obviously it’s great to be able to work with them on a daily basis.”

Stephen Belichick was also a lacrosse player in college who played against Patriots’ wide receiver Chris Hogan.

“I saw a couple of his (Hogan’s) games when he played against Rutgers when he played against Stephen,” Belichick said, according to The Post Game. “Stephen actually covered him. One of those was a downpour, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The game actually had to be stopped.”

4. Bill Belichick Says It’s Been Great to ‘Experience Things’ With His Son

Bill Belichick has spoken openly about how much he enjoys having both of his sons at his side on the football field.

“It’s been a great experience to be able to come in every day and just experience things with them,” Bill Belichick said at Super Bowl Opening Night. “You experience them with other people on your staff, too, but it’s great to have your kids involved. I think it’s been good for all of us.”

When Brian Belichick didn’t appear at the Opening Night, his father joked, according to NESN, “We’ve kind of kept him out of the line of fire, huh?” The site reports that Bill said his son’s duties “center around creating optimal situations for New England’s defense.”

“He’s quality control on defense,” Belichick told NESN of Brian. “He does a variety of different things to help our defensive staff prepare and kind of stay a week ahead of our opponent. Some advance work, that kind of thing.”

5. Brian Was Once Busted for Underage Drinking & Belichick & His Sons Have a Pregame Tradition

According to Deadspin, when he was 17, Brian Belichick “was busted for underage drinking at Gillette Stadium during the NCAA Lacrosse Championships.”

Belichick and his boys have a pre-game tradition that they try to honor. “The trio also have a pre-game tradition of checking out the field conditions prior to kick-off at visiting stadiums,” reports

ESPN reported that the ritual starts “Shortly after Belichick arrives at a visiting stadium,” explaining that “Steve Belichick, Bill’s oldest son, who is finishing his fifth year on staff and first as safeties coach, is always by his side. Sometimes Brian Belichick, Bill’s youngest son, in his first season as a full-time personnel assistant, joins them,” ESPN reported.

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