Bubba Wallace & Denny Hamlin: Feud Continues in Atlanta

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Getty There is still tension between Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin stemming from the Daytona 500.

Things got testy between Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. and Denny Hamlin at the end of the Daytona 500. The two drivers were battling for second place, and Hamlin believed Wallace came down on his car. Here’s a look at the point of contention along with Wallace’s post-race comments.
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Hamlin then confronted Wallace after the race was over as this video clip shows.

Hamlin took to Twitter sending out a series of tweets from Feb 18 to Feb 20 explaining why he was upset.

What a comeback for our @FedEx team. We gave ourselves a shot to win on the final restart and lost the coin flip. Really happy for @austindillon3 and team. And for anyone looking for a reason to hate, the 43 came down on ME and cut my tire at the line which is why we wrecked…Let me clue the idiots on Twitter what I was pissed off about. I had no issue with how the race ended. I was minding my own business on the bottom of the track and out of the blue I get ran into, my tire blown, and perfectly straight car destroyed. I’m good with all that…Then, I go do media and everything is fine. Then the last question is what was my response to what Bubba said. I had no issue until not only did he place blame on me but then went on to make personal comments about myself. I left the media center and saw Bubba 30 secs later…Anyone who wouldn’t take offense to the stupid things that was said has absolutely no backbone. I have one

After the race, Wallace took a swipe at Hamlin’s interview on the Pardon My Take podcast where he implied 70 percent of NASCAR drivers are taking Adderall.

“I want to see the replay before I say anything stupid,’’ Wallace said after the race (via NBC Sports). “He might need to take some Adderall for that one.’’

These comments angered Hamlin, and it looks like Wallace has been “uninvited” from their basketball and golf leagues. Wallace explained to USA Today that he has been “removed” from the leagues.

Both. I’ve been removed from both, yeah so, although I didn’t get the direct text. It went through like five or six people, so that’s classy, I guess. … I have been told the golf league is out. I removed myself from the basketball league. Just after the conversation we had that day, I was like, whatever, I guess I’m not coming back. That’s OK.

Hamlin joked to Fox Sports that the leagues have been “filled”, but does not seemed too concerned about the tension with Wallace.

“I just use it as motivation,” Hamlin told FS1 (via NASCAR.com). “I’ve always been motivated, but it just fires me up more to be more motivated so I have no issue at all. I’m here trying to do the best I can to get a great finish this weekend and put ourselves in position to run well in the regular season, win some races, get ourselves some bonus points so we can march through the playoffs and put ourselves in a championship spot by the end of the year. These little bumps in the road are just … they really are just some speed bumps, and we’re going to keep marching forward and see what we’ve got.”