Corey Clement: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

corey clement

Getty Corey Clement #30 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball against the New England Patriots during the second quarter in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Corey Clement, who has made a positive impact in Super Bowl 2018, is a former Wisconsin running back. However, Clement was raised in a New Jersey town only 30 minutes from Philadelphia, so coming back to the east coast to play for the Eagles was something Clement and his family embraced.

Clement’s good play during the big game has people wondering more about his background and family. The little-used running back was a key player for the Eagles in the first half of the Super Bowl, helping to lead Philadelphia to a 10-point halftime lead over the Patriots. Then, in the third quarter, Clement made a catch that was declared a touchdown upon review. Clement’s Wisconsin connection has some people expressing Wisconsin pride. Those who know him – as a pro player, as a college player, and as a high school student – have lavished his personality and character with praise.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Clement Wasn’t Drafted But Things Still Turned Out Well

At first, things didn’t look very good for Corey Clement. He wasn’t drafted. “It was definitely confusing, frustrating, and U was asking why I didn’t get the call throughout the whole draft process until after. A lot of teams were asking for a free agent signing. I didn’t think I was going to be in that situation,” Clement told ABC 6.

However, the Eagles then signed Clement as a free agent, and, for his family and friends, that was perfect because it brings him back to Philly. “I think they were more excited than me. They’re very happy for what I’m doing as far as in college, still graduating, and just playing back home. So they don’t have to go far to watch me play,” Clement told ABC.

As for a wife, it appears that Corey is still single. According to the Eagles, Clement is 23-years-old and stands 5 foot 10 inches tall and 220 pounds.

2. Corey’s Guidance Counselor Once Promised Him Her BMW If He Made the NFL & Now She’s Lived Up to the Promise

One really moving story about Corey Clement involves his high school guidance counselor. When Clement was in the 9th grade, she was such a believer in his potential that she promised him the family’s BMW if he made the NFL someday. Guess what? He did, and she lived up to the promise. The guidance counselor, Mary Beth Ragazzino, described Clement as a “phenomenal personality.”

“When Corey was in 9th grade at Glassboro High School, my mom promised him if he was drafted to the NFL my family would give him our car that he always asked about. Congratulations Cory!” wrote the guidance counselor’s daughter on Instagram.

Corey could use the car – theoretically. According to Sports Illustrated, “As an undrafted rookie, Clement only received $25,000 in guaranteed money for the season. The rest of his paycheck is dependent upon him remaining on the active roster.” However, he is on the active roster and performing well in the Super Bowl, which should help his paycheck. You can see a breakdown of his salary and contract here.

3. Corey Clement Remembers His High School Glory Days in New Jersey Fondly

The hometown pride goes both ways. Clement fondly remembers his days playing football for Glassboro High School in New Jersey. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Clement is immensely proud of his high school days, where he holds the South Jersey record with 6,245 career rushing yards, according to historian Chuck Langerman. He averaged a first down per carry, 10.1 yards.”

"Corey Clement Day" at his elementary school before Super BowlPhiladelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement was celebrated by students from J. Harvey Rodgers School in Glassboro. Clement attended the school and played midget football there.2018-02-02T21:40:39.000Z

Corey’s old elementary school in New Jersey is also filled with people brimming with pride at his success. The school held a pep rally to celebrate Corey’s role in the Super Bowl. “Corey Clement, Corey Clement, we are filled with Bulldog pride. We are happy and excited as we watch our Eagles fly,” students chanted, according to

The children celebrated “Corey Clement day.”

4. At Wisconsin, Clement Learned From Other Players Who Went Into the NFL

Corey Clement benefited in Wisconsin from the strong talent on the team. In 2014, “he was backup to James White and Melvin Gordon — both who would become NFL running backs,” notes SBNation. According to the sports site, he suffered a groin injury in 2015, which curtailed that season.

However, in 2016, according to SBNation, Clement was able to showcase his skills better. According to The Philadelphia Eagles’ website, “Clement was a member of the winningest senior class in Badgers history (41-13, .759), where he amassed 3,092 rushing yards and finished 8th all-time in career rushing average (5.4) and 9th in career rushing TDs (36). As a senior in 2016, Clement produced career highs in attempts (314), rushing yards (1,375) and rushing TDs (15) en route to first-team All-Big Ten honors from the league’s coaches.”

You can see a rundown of Clement’s 2017 stats for the Philadelphia Eagles here. The Eagles have published a stats rundown in depth for Clement that you can see here.

5. Clement Says He Tried to Remain Humble When He Did Not Get Drafted

The positive attitude often showed by Clement became clear when he was not drafted. That would be a blow that might leave anyone frustrated or angry. Instead, he said in an interview that he decided to remain positive.

“For anybody, I’m pretty sure if you didn’t get drafted, you kind of question, ‘Well, damn, am I not that good? I know I’m better than this guy,’” Clement told SB Nation’s Louis Bien. “But at the same time, you want to remain humble at the same time, so you don’t want to put yourself over somebody. But mentally you can say that I have another opportunity to let that organization know that you got a great guy, not just football-wise but a great character who can elevate this team whether it’s special teams or offense for me.”

He joined the active roster, and now he has played well in a Super Bowl.

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