WATCH: Fergie Sings National Anthem NBA All-Star Game Video

Fergie’s interesting rendition of the national anthem prior to the NBA’s All-Star Game was met with a lot of different reactions. Many basketball fans were not thrilled with her performance, and took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Draymond Green and Jimmy Kimmel were shown during the performance laughing as this clip below shows.

“I’ve seen the national anthem performed hundreds of times but never in the key of ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ congrats @Fergie ??????,” author Molly Knight tweeted.

One Twitter user already gave Fergie the “Crying Jordan” treatment calling it the “worst national anthem since Roseanne.”

“How do we feel about Fergie’s version of the national anthem? Are you supposed to slow dance to it?” Yahoo Sports Michael Lee tweeted.

Getty even captured Green’s reaction on the big screen of the Staples Center.

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GettyDraymond Green could not help but laugh during Fergie’s performance of the national anthem.

Fergie has performed the national anthem before, and in a much different manner. The video below shows Fergie performing before the Dolphins-Patriots NFL game in 2011. She did not slow down the anthem, or elongate notes in the same way that she did before the NBA All-Star Game.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell put together a collage of the player’s reaction during Fergie’s performance.

“Fergie with the absolute worst rendition of the national anthem that I have ever heard in my entire life. No exaggeration. That was awful,” Rivals Justin Rowland tweeted.

YouTuber NickTheBullsFan was able to make a joke at both Fergie and Kevin Hart’s expense.

“The NBA Players laughed more at Fergie’s terrible attempt at the National Anthem more than Kevin Hart’s jokes,” Nick tweeted.

“Joel Embiid face tells you everything you need to know about that rendition of the National Anthem. Good god please sing it better than that. #Fergie I would rather listen to Kevin Hart for 2 more minutes.. which is sayin somethin,” Jeffery Foote tweeted.

Prior to the anthem, Hart served as the announcer for the starting lineups, introducing each player as if he was part of a roast. Some of the players laughed it off, but others just stared at the comedian as they walked onto to the stage. The Barenaked Ladies sang “Oh Canada” before Fergie’s performance, but the group kept it traditional.

“They should’ve let Kevin Hart sing the National Anthem & Fergie do the introductions,” Sterling Heard Jr. tweeted.

CBS Phoenix’s Tim Ring joined in on the roast of both Hart and Fergie.

Kevin Hart: “I just engineered the biggest pre-game disaster in television history.”
Fergie: “Hold my beer.”

Rovell noted Fergie mispronounced some of the words of the anthem.

“Had to go back on DVR to make sure I heard it right…Fergie definitely said “gave proo through the night,” Rovell tweeted.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest memes in response to Fergie’s singing of the national anthem.

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