Josh McDaniels Memes Ensue After His Decision to Stay With the Patriots

Josh McDaniels memes


On Tuesday, February 6, the Indianapolis Colts announced that Josh McDaniels would be their new head coach. Hours later, however, the Colts released a statement explaining that McDaniels had changed his mind.

“After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts’ new head coach, New England Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team. Although we are surprised and disappointed, we will resume our head coaching search immediately and find the right fit to lead our team and organization on and off the field,” the Colts said in a statement.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft took some time to talk with McDaniels and “sweetened his contract” enough to make him stay in New England.

With news of McDaniels’ about-face move, social media users started posting memes and other jokes, poking fun at McDaniels’ shocking decision to turn down the position that he was expected to formally accept at a press conference the very next day.

“In the past 48 hours, Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking with McDaniels and ultimately wound up sweetening his contract, helping to entice him to remain in New England rather than leave for Indianapolis, which announced it would be holding a news conference Wednesday to introduce its new head coach. But McDaniels did not have a signed contract with the Colts, according to a source,” ESPN reports.

There has been a great deal of speculation following news that McDaniels is staying with the Patriots. Many people seem to be wondering if he will eventually replace current head coach, Bill Belichick. While that seems like an unlikely scenario for the 2018-2019 season, it seems as though anything is possible at this point.

McDaniels has been with the Patriots for a total of 13 seasons. He left the Patriots in 2009 to coach the Denver Broncos. McDaniels went 8-8 in his first season. He was fired by Denver in 2010, and went back to the Patriots. However, in 2011, McDaniels left New England again, taking a job to work as offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. He returned to work for the Patriots the following season.

He and his wife, Laura, live in Westwood, Massachusetts, with their four children. ESPN reported that McDaniels’ decision to stay in New England was not about money (at least not solely). The site reported that McDaniels kept thinking about moving his family out of New England, after spending the last five years building a life there.

Regardless of why McDaniels has chosen to stay in New England, there is a lot of chatter about how everything played out. While most Patriots fans are thrilled that he’s staying with the organization, others have been using words like “snake” to describe McDaniels.

“Bizarre, snake like move by McDaniels. Belichick taught him well. Snoke/Kylo Ren style,” Whistle Sports’ Joe Caporoso tweeted. Hundreds of other Twitter users have agreed with that sentiment.

Below are some of the funniest internet memes and jokes that are being posted about the situation, some at McDaniels’ expense.

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