WATCH: Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl Commercial 2018 [FULL VIDEO]

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MichelobUltra Chris Pratt stars in a new commercial for Michelob ULTRA.

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Last week, Michelob ULTRA unveiled its new Super Bowl commercial featuring Chris Pratt. The 30-second spot, titled “The Perfect Fit”, follows Pratts as he trains for his first-ever starring role in a TV commercial. In the piece, he jogs, hits the gym, and works on his ‘character’ for the commercial.

As a sequel to commercial, which is titled “The Perfect Fit”, Michelob ULTRA will air another spot in the Super Bowl called “I Like Beer.” This marks the first time that Michelob ULTRA will have two spots in the Super Bowl “I Like Beer” will feature US Open Golf Champion Brooks Koepka, World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater, and 2017 NYC Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan. Michelob Ultra writes in a press release, “The ad brings these personalities together to sing along to “I Like Beer” – re-recorded by country music artist, Jon Pardi – a new anthem for Michelob ULTRA that demonstrates how it’s possible to be fit and still enjoy a beer.”

VideoVideo related to watch: michelob ultra super bowl commercial 2018 [full video]2018-02-04T13:07:43-05:00

Why Michelob ULTRA? Pratt says, “Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs so… I can run that off very easily. Probably in like 10 seconds? (I run 85 mph) Which really makes you wonder why I’m not playing IN the Super Bowl. I know. So anyways, Michelob ULTRA doesn’t throw off my workout routine. And it tastes great. So… That’s what I call a win-win.”

In a press release for the spot, Azania Andrews, vice president,
Michelob ULTRA, added, “The Super Bowl is a huge stage, and we are really excited to partner with Chris Pratt, whose dynamic personality and passion for fitness embody the spirit of our brand so perfectly – and make him the ideal choice to share this message with viewers around the country,” said Azania Andrews, vice president, Michelob ULTRA. “When it comes down to working out or enjoying a beer with friends, Michelob ULTRA wants people to know that you don’t have to choose between one or the other. That’s what it means to Live ULTRA.”

Chris Pratt Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial 2018

Michelob Ultra was first introduced in 2002 and is the fastest growing beer brand in the US. The beer is brewed with fine barley malt, rice, all-imported hops, and a pure-cultured yeast strain to maintain it’s super light flavor.

Both Michelob Ultra ads were created by FCB Chicago this year and are part of the brand’s 2018 “You Can Do Both” campaign. The campaign aims to show that it’s possible to drink Michelob Ultra and maintain a healthy lifestyle, too. According to the company’s press release, Michelob Ultra is celebrating its commitment to fitness by teaming up with multiple fitness partners “to offer a variety of exciting experiences” from now through May 5. Fans can enter to win each day by clicking here.