Shaun White Wins Gold: How Much Money Will He Earn?

Shaun White money

Getty Shaun White.

Shaun White just got a little richer.

Along with his gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics, White will earn $37,500, paid to him by the United States Olympic Committee.

“The United States Olympic Committee’s ‘Operation Gold’ ensures that any American athlete who wins a medal at this year’s games will take home a bonus. Gold medals are worth $37,500, silver medals are worth $22,500 and bronze medals are worth $15,000. The rewards mark a significant increase over medal bonuses during the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when U.S. gold medalists earned $25,000 each,” reports Fox Business.

U.S. Olympians who don’t medal rely heavily on their endorsements to earn money while competing on the world’s biggest stage.

White scored 94.25 in his first run, but struggled in his second, only scoring 55.00. The pressure was on for his third run, as he needed to beat Japan’s Ayumu Hirano, whose best score was 95.25. White appeared nervous, but made his third run look easy, earning a 97.75 in his final run.

When his score was announced, White flipped his board in disbelief and was overcome with emotion, eventually dropping to his knees after pumping his fists in victory. By the time he regained his feet, tears were already welling up in his eyes, and he stood triumphant, with his board in one hand and the American flag (which was handed to him) in the other.

White was first met by the bronze medalist, Australian Scotty James. The two men embraced in congratulations. White was then congratulated by the silver medalist, Hirano.

The newly minted three-time Olympic gold medalist has an estimated net worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to Business Insider, he was already the wealthiest American Olympian competing in the 2018 Winter Games.

White is earning quite a bit of money on his own during this Olympics go ’round. White currently has endorsement deals with several companies including Burton, Air & Style, Go90, and Beats by Dre. You’ve probably noticed that he’s sporting the logo of some of these companies on his Olympic garb.

In addition to endorsements, White earns money from various tournaments that he competes in throughout the year. In 2016, he decided to buy Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, the Mammoth Resorts located in Southern California, for $38 million.

“As a part owner of Mammoth Resorts, White will help oversee the operation of more than 4,000 acres of skiable land in California, visited by more than 2 million skiers and snowboarders each year. Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Resorts’ chairman and chief executive, said White will play a key role in reinventing the resorts, which have a reputation as homey, local operations without the high-end, ritzy developments found in major Colorado resorts. In particular, White will help expand on the base of young snow enthusiasts and open the mountains to more year-round activities, he said,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, White also has his very own line of snacks, a couple of video games, and a new book that is set for release in October.