Brittany Williams, Josh Allen’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Josh Allen has been dating girlfriend Brittany Williams long before his NFL career with the Bills started. Allen has come a long way since having zero stars coming out of high school.

“I’m taking this all in,” Allen told Yahoo Sports. “It’s a surreal moment. If you knew who I was three years ago, I don’t think you’d say this is possible…I was at junior college, I was begging teams to give me a scholarship. Sending emails out and hoping to hear back from them. I got one opportunity and that was with the University of Wyoming. Thankfully they gave me an opportunity, and I took advantage of it.”

Williams and Allen are both California kids. Williams is a former cheerleader at Fresno State and enjoys attending sporting events with Allen when he is not on the football field. Allen recently took to Instagram to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday.

“Happy Burt-Day Beautiful! ? year never looked so good ❤️? You deserve it all, I love you! Please help me in wishing a happy birthday to the one and only ??,” Allen posted on Instagram.

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1. Brittany Was a Cheerleader at Fresno State

Williams spent four years as a Fresno State cheerleader. Her senior year was capped off with a special moment as her dad was an honorary captain during Fresno State’s homecoming game.

“It was so special that my dad was the honorary captain of my senior homecoming game❤️ love him,” Williams posted.

When Williams was not cheering on the Bulldogs, she took time to visit Wyoming to watch Allen play.

Wyoming squared off with Fresno State on November 18, 2017, but Allen was sidelined with an injury. Williams’ school got the better of the Cowboys as Fresno State came away with the 13-7 victory.

2. Brittany Calls Josh Her “8 Year Old Crush”

Based on Williams’ Instagram posts, the two grew up together, but did not start dating until college. Williams posted a photo of the two together at Laguna Beach with this caption.

“My 8 year old crush turned out to be my boyfriend a few years later ?? i love you! #1yeardown #bae,” Williams wrote.

The couple went to different schools with Allen playing quarterback at Wyoming, while Williams was a Fresno State cheerleader. Ironically, Allen was not recruited by nearby Fresno State, and it has been something that Allen used as motivation to make it to the NFL.

“I used that nonbelief as fuel to my fire,” Allen told the Denver Post. “If you didn’t want to believe in me, that’s OK, because I’ll make a believer out of you. It’s not been my mission, but it’s been kind of an icing on the cake to this whole thing. Obviously, I didn’t get looked at and didn’t get recruited by Fresno State or any other school in the nation, to be honest. It has always been my goal to go into every game and show you why you should have recruited me, why you should have offered me.”

3. The Couple Has Been Dating Since College

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Monaco Grand Prix ✅??

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The couple celebrated their initial anniversary with a trip to Disney. Allen posted a photo from the park noting their anniversary.

“Thankful to have snagged a pic with a princess at Disneyland ? Thankful for you, I love you! #year1,” Allen posted.

Life appears to be going by fast for the couple.

“Wish i could pause time with y’all,” Williams posted after a visit to Wyoming.

4. Josh & Brittany Enjoy Attending Sporting Events Together

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Go Lakers, Go Pokes!

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A number of the photos of Allen and Williams feature the couple enjoying sporting events together. Allen posted a photo in front of the Staples Center with Lakers gear. They also attended a Team USA baseball game together in Colorado. Allen is a big Tom Brady fan. Williams posted a photo of Allen in a Brady jersey around the time of the 2018 Super Bowl.

Allen also went to a Patriots game with his father, and both were decked out in Patriots gear. Allen used the G.O.A.T. emoji to describe Brady. Now, Allen is squaring off against Brady in the AFC East.

5. Josh Grew Up on a 2,000 Acre Farm in Firebaugh, California

Allen grew up learning the value of hard work on his family’s 2,000-acre farm in Firebaugh, California. Allen’s grandfather was a Swedish immigrant and purchased a parcel of land during the Great Depression. Allen’s father, Joel, would carry on the farming tradition involving his son in the family business.

“We basically have row crops — cotton, cantaloupes, small grains — and a lot of it requires sprinklers or movable irrigation pipes, and Josh was always involved in that,” Joel told the Denver Post. “If I wanted him to drive a tractor, he was there. He even chopped cotton. He did it all. I think that helped him with his work ethic. He’s not afraid of hard work.”

Allen’s background working on a farm helped him form a strong work ethic as an NFL quarterback. Allen is hoping the hard work can lead to a playoff appearance for the Bills.