WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Match Results & Spoilers May 29th

Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe


A new episode of WWE SmackDown Live is airing tonight on the USA Network. Here’s what happened so far:

10:00Samoan Joe wins. Bryan passes out and Cass remains down. Joe will be the final qualifier for the Money in the Bank ladder match. Cass hits Bryan out of frustration and raises his fist to end the show.

9:55 – Cass ends up on the outside of the ring, leaving Samoa Joe and Bryan to battle it out one-on-one. Joe gets knocked out of the ring as well, and Bryan hits both of them with a crossbody from the top of the outside. Everyone makes it back into the ring, but Bryan hits Joe with a running dropkick before Cass floors him with a clothesline. Bryan and Cass follow him to the floor after dealing a few deadly blows each. Samoa Joe is able to recover, and gets Bryan in a Coquina Clutch before the referee stops the match.

Samoa Joe v Daniel Bryan v Big Cass

9:35 – Andrade Cien Almas and Sin Cara embrace near the locker room backstage, before Vega interrupts them to cut a promo on Sin Cara. Almas says something in Spanish and then leaves.

9:29 – Backstage, Charlotte Flair tells Becky Lynch that she thinks Asuka will win the title at Money in the Bank. Becky says that she’s going to be the one who wins, and they start to bicker before we cut to commercial.

9:27Asuka wins. After the match, Carmella steps into the ring and holds her title belt in front of Asuka’s face.

9:25 – Before she can make her way to the ring, Asuka is attacked from behind by Rose’s ally Sonya DeVille. Asuka recovers and demands the proper match begin. Rose is the first to dominate, capitalizing on a shaken Asuka, but the latter manages to mount a comeback, tapping into the Asuka Lock to get Rose into submission.

Asuka v Mandy Rose

9:15 – SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella joins the commentary team as her Money in the Bank opponent Asuka prepares to face Mandy Rose.

9:09 – Gallows and Anderson are interviewed backstage about their upcoming match against the Bludgeon Brothers. They say they’ll win the Money in the Bank Tag Team title, and just as they’re about to call them nerds, the Bludgeon Brothers appear on the TV screen next to them.

9:07The New Day win. The Bar and The Miz get taken out by Big E’s Big Ending. The New Day hold up the Money in the Bank briefcase and point at each other, teasing who will go on to appear in the Ladder Match. They don’t say which of them it will be, however.

9:00 – Some dirty tactics from The Miz and Sheamus allow them to gain the upper hand. They beat on Kingston and send him outside of the ring. The New Day manage to regain their footing, however, and Xavier Woods almost manages to floor Sheamus. Big E tags in and hits Cesaro with an assisted lungblower.

The New Day v The Miz and The Bar

8:47 – A man in a tuxedo shirt delivers pancakes to The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods). Elsewhere, backstage, The Miz is blindfolded and chopping pancakes as The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) is throwing them at him. Their Tag Team match is up next.

8:41 – Lana makes her way to the ring to prepare for her dance contest against Naomi. Naomi follows her, and is accompanied by The Usos. Lana starts break dancing and pop-locking, and Naomi responds by breaking out into a ballet routine. She ends her routine by doing the splits.

The pair then shake hands and begin to dance together in the middle of the ring, but Lana hits Naomi with a surprise neckbreaker. Lana beats on Naomi until Rusev, who’s been commentating, breaks it up. Naomi recovers and hits Lana with the Rear End before retreating up the ramp with The Usos.

8:35 – AJ Styles is interviewed backstage. He said his opponents always underestimate him, and that’s why he’s the WWE Champion. He says he fights smarter and harder than the guy who’s bigger and stronger, and that he won’t back down from the challenge. Styles announces that he’s going to be the last man standing at Money in the Bank.

8:30Nakamura wins. He counts all the way down to ten, as means of sending a message to his Money in the Bank opponent, AJ Styles.

8:22 – Nakamura and Dillinger square off, and the latter starts off aggressively, throwing a few hard chops, before Nakamura takes control and sends him out of the ring. Nakamura hits Dillinger with a kick during an attempted suicide dive. Dillinger manages to get to his feet but Nakamura hits him in the face with a knee, then goes to a Kinshasa, and then pins him for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura v “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger

8:18 – Paige is interviewed backstage, where she says that no one speaks for her. She announces that there will be a Triple Threat match between Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and Big Cass for the Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight.

8:15 – Shinsuke Nakamura is shown waiting backstage. He is holding a card with a number one on it. He drops it to reveal the number two underneath it, and counts down to ten before ripping the cards up. Nakamura will face “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger next.

8:10 – Cass reveals that he has already healed and attempts to hit Bryan with one of his crutches, but he misses and hits Joe instead. Bryan tries to attack Cass, but Cass hits both men with the Money in the Bank briefcase before holding it victoriously before the crowd.

8:09 – Big Cass hobbles towards the ring on crutches and tells Bryan and Samoan Joe that they’re acting like children. He insults them, and says the Money in the Bank spot should be is and no one else deserves a second chance. Cass says he spoke to SmackDown GM Paige and that Bryan v Joe will NOT happen. Instead, Cass says that he will face Samoan Joe himself when his injury is cleared.

8:07 – Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring without his theme music playing. He tells Samoan Joe that if he mentions his wife or daughter again he will break the wrestler’s legs. Bryan suggests they fight right now, but as they prepare to sqaure off, Big Cass’ music starts playing.

8:05 – Samoa Joe cuts off a scheduled promo for Daniel Bryan and tells the crowd that there are some things that are worse than enforced retirement. He says that Bryan should phone Brie and get her to tell her daughter that he’ll be home for Money in the Bank.

8:00 – After the announcers mention some of the segments planned for tonight, Samoa Joe charges toward the ring and pulls out a ladder from under it. He climbs up and pulls down the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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